Wolf Blood (Based On The Disney Series)

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  • Wolf Blood (Based On The Disney Series)

    The series isn't out yet. But you can make your own character. I will be watching disney for the first episode.

    Source Code

    1. Name:
    2. Human form:
    3. Wolf form:
    4. Age:
    5. Gender:
    6. Any other shows i should know of?:
    7. Any threads of yours or a friends?:
    8. History:
    9. Any accent?:
    10. Any favirote coment or word?:

    Human form:/
    Wolf form:[img width=510 height=375]http://fc08.deviantart.com/fs18/i/2007/129/2/e/Valixy_by_wolfnighteyes.jpg[/img]/
    Gender:Both female
    Any other shows i should know of?:Mech meds i think.. it's on disney xd and i can't remember the name. it's coming in a month.
    Any threads of yours or a friends?:Gator boys is coming soon..
    History:She was born after the war wich was 16 years ago and recently found out about her power/She and her sister, brittny were birthed after the war. brittny just loved jessie
    Any accent?:Brittish/Brittish although she does a mean australian
    Any favirote coment or word?:I don't bloody care/Do i look like i'm lion?
    After watching Coraline like 6 or 7 time I LOVE LOVE LOVE the move