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  • [fancypost borderwidth=0px;][font=georgia][size=8]He had done it. Finally, the thing that he had been planning for so long, he had done it. Of course, he didn't remember too well about all of it, but as soon as he saw the bear's teeth ripped out and cleaned and all that business, the memory would slowly seep through his brain like sap seeping out of a tree.

    Blood was covering his ebony paws as he let out a laugh. Two small teeth were at his feet, and he grinned in pleasure as he knew what everyone was going to say. Of course, some would be critical, but others would think it was badass. Like Darkenpool did.

    As he stepped out of his den that he called home once again, not the one with his ex-boyfriend, the one where he used to live, but the one that he had dug up all those moons ago when he was hurting from his super senses.

    Instead of the two biggest teeth that were where his canine teeth were, there were bear teeth now inserted into his gums. Of course, not the biggest ones, or he wouldn't be able to close his moth without them sticking out like some type of weird animal. But no, they were simply long and looked very eerie when he grinned. They were cool.

    Darkenpool walked into the capitol with a smile of his face. Would anyone notice anyway?

    [color=black]* if I don't like it I'll just pretend he never did it xD

    [center][b]GERARD WAY[b][/center]
  • [align=center][font=andale mono]a small kit was wondering along, strange human objects in his mouth, when he saw the dark shape of darkenpool. alienkit tentatively put down the tools in his mouth to go inspect what the first tier had done to his teeth. blue eyes squinting, ali noticed that darken had placed bear teeth over his own canines! "those are so cool bro!" the kit exclaimed.

  • [size=28pt]CORBETT FABER[/size]

    [fancypost bgcolor=; bordercolor=; borderwidth=0px; width: 400px; height: 100px; overflow:Auto; font-family: times new roman; color:azure][omfg. this song e3e]

    Oh, there was that Darkenpool again. It broke his heart every time he came into contact with the tomcat, because he had lost all of his memories, including the times they had spent together. Emitting a sigh, the ticked tabby would start to turn away, but quickly noticed that there was something...unusual about the black-furred feline's teeth. Padding closer, Corbett Faber would examine the fangs with interest. "Er, whatcha got there?" he asked, flicking the tip of his tail.[/fancypost]

  • [fancypost borderwidth=0px;][font=georgia][size=8][color=white]"Thanks!" The charcoal animal would mew to the kitten who was the first to tell him that he liked the way that his new teeth looked. Well, that was odd . . . he had never seen the kit around the clan before, and he considered himself pretty 'in' with the clan. Oh well.

    Darken's own heart would fall to his paws when he saw Corbett as well. Did the ticked tabby remember at the party when he had - no. Hopefully he didn't remember . . . Giving his ears a flick, he would shoot him a large smile, showing off his new pearly whites. Even with his broken ankle, it wasn't that hard to rip out his teeth. "[b]I look like a vampire, don't I?![/b]" He asked with a giggle.

    [ putting references all up in dere ]

    [center][b]GERARD WAY[b][/center]

  • [size=28pt]CORBETT FABER[/size]

    [fancypost bgcolor=; bordercolor=; borderwidth=0px; width: 400px; height: 100px; overflow:Auto; font-family: times new roman; color:azure][goddammit xD Corbett's going to spiral into depression or something with all these refs x3]

    A v-vampire? The ticked tabby stopped cold and thought back to that one night. It was right before the "incident" had happened, and the two were...roleplaying. Darkenpool had been the vampire, and the rest was history and didn't matter at all anymore. Plastering a smile to his maw, the tom would nod his head. "Yep!" he mewed. "Like a vampire..." [/fancypost]

  • [size=10][font=arial]
    [align=center][fancypost bgcolor=; border: 0px solid #000000; width: 275px; overflow: auto][size=7pt]
    [color=#35586C]"Looks motherfuckin' swaggy."

    Yeah, it seemed like Gamzee was running out of cool shit to say. But whatever. Hey, it looked like Darken wasn't being a confused fuck anymore, that was good. Confused fuck Darken wasn't as cool as BeartoothDarkenthebadass.

  • [fancypost borderwidth=0px;][font=georgia][size=8][color=white][ NUUUU
    it will make their kiss so much more addoorraaabbllleee ]

    Giving his tail a flick, he would smile at Corbett and blink his eyes. He gave a small nod of his head and bit down on his lip, accidentally tearing through it and making it bleed. It was horrible, he didn't expect these teeth to be so sharp! "Urrr . . ." He mumbled, licking off the blood and feeling his face turn a crimson red as well. Urgh - why did he have to embarrass himself around Corbett!!

    Flicking his tail, he would quickly turn to Gamzee and twitch his whiskers. "Hey, thanks!" He announced with a smile. Yes, BeartoothDarken was a much better nickname then Darkenbro, at least it was more original.

    [center][b]GERARD WAY[b][/center]
  • Miltiades padded over, head cocked to the side. But she wasn't one to judge Darken's new teeth - she, after all, had some other animals claws over her own. "Neat job," she stated simply, green eyes scanning over the teeth. They looked out of place, but not drastically so. Mil nodded her head slightly in approval.

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    where everything is good[/size]
  • [fancypost bgcolor=transparent; bordercolor=transparent; width:400px; overflow:auto; font-family:times new roman; color:silver; font-size: 10pt;][justify]Cataclysm would take a seat beside his son, his pale orbs gleaming down at the warrior with a lack of amusement. Since their little... incident, the caracal had kind of been avoiding the first tier for his son's sake. "Interesting." Although he honestly didn't see much of a point to having extra long teeth seeing as they were merely stuck there and would therefore simply drive the into his gums if he bit something too hard. But, oh well. Perhaps that was a mistake Darken himself would have to learn...

  • [align=center][font=andale mono]"vampires hm?" alienkit asked with some slight curiosity. the new born bloodclanner had never heard of a "vampire". "what exactly is a vampire?"

    ooc; bleh. he's my new character and i don't exactly have a lot of muse for him yet so my posts will be short.

  • [fancypost bgcolor=; bordercolor=#000000; borderwidth=0px; font-family: times new roman; font-style: italic; font-size: 50px; margin-bottom: -9px; letter-spacing: 4px; text-align: center]Inkpaw Harbringer Darling[/fancypost]
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    [fancypost bgcolor=; bordercolor: white; border: 5px groove #ffffff; height: 60px; width: 170px; overflow: auto;]OOC::

    Name;; Inkpaw(death) Harbringer Darling
    Rank;; 3rd Tier of Bloodclan

    [align=center][size=5pt]Template by Creep
    [fancypost bgcolor=; border: 5px groove #ffffff; height: 425px; width: 190px; overflow: auto;][align=center][size=8]So Darkenpool got new funky teeth? Inkpaw would've never thought of doing anything like the sort, it was all just too queer for her. Though of course, dudes like him liked strange things, so whatever.[/size]


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  • Illuminatedpaw padded over to see Corbett, Darkenpool and a few other cats. She noticed her Dad's new teeth, too large to be those of a cats and most likely those of a much larger creature. The she-cat wondered if it was from an animal he had killed, or whether he had just found the teeth and decided to keep them. "Hi." Was all the smokey furred trainee said.

  • [fancypost borderwidth=0px; text-align: justify][color=black][size=8]Well then… Seemed as though Darken had made himself some new accessories for his face. "Well done there, Darkenpool…" Charlemagne Darling snorted as he made his way over, observing all of the already gathered Bloodclanners' expressions of wonder, confusion, and curiosity. Well maybe not all of them had looks like that, but a lot of them did.

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    Huh, well it seemed that Darkenpool was never out of funky ideas. Would this one work? Possibly; but by manipulating the gums in such a way of this they could become painfully inflamed, not something she herself wanted to feel in particular. Hearing Lass' remark, the femme grinned, her own teeth now feeling strangely normal compared to Darken's new adornments.
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  • [fancypost borderwidth=0px;][font=georgia][size=8][color=white]He had been expecting so much more criticism than the amount that he was getting. Of course, because Bramby's not really good with dentistry at all, he'd probably have no problems with a bit of pain in his gums, but after a while he'd be good. Giving his tail a flick, he would nod to each and every one of the people who gave him thanks. He was proud of every one of his 'funky ideas'.

    "A vampire?" He asked, his lip still bleeding a bit. "A vampire is an undead animal that can't eat like most, they have large fangs for breaking open flesh. And they burn in the sunlight." Yes, Darken didn't agree with that fucking 'Twilight' bullshit. Read some Stephen King bitches.

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  • ooc: no muse ;-;

    ic: She hadn't heard of vampires before, so she listened to Darkenpool's explanation.

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    [size=28pt] [/size][size=36pt]J A C K Y[/size][size=28pt][/size]


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    [fancypost bgcolor=silver; bordercolor=#7a3e7a; width:267px; overflow:auto; height:150px; opacity:.3; font-family:times new roman; color:#2e062e; font-size:9pt;][justify][skimmed, need to re-make my video for school ;3;]

    Since last time she was near the ebony warrior she had gotten yelled at by Corbett, the plush-furred Bengal was hesitant to come over. But she did anyway and sat herself quietly beside her fiancé. Eww. . . "They look. . . um. . . I guess. . . well if you want the teeth. . ."

    well, what was she supposed to say?



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  • [fancypost borderwidth=0px; text-align: justify][color=black][size=8]Charlemagne, whom of which's roleplayer loved Stephen King and had read and loved every book written by him (even though Carrie was by far her favorite), simply stood there, listening to Darken's description on vampires. "What about vampiric cats? Don't thoooose exist too?" The spotted serval cooed as he edged closer to Corbett, hoping to freak him out a little.

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  • Corbett's a guy cough cough