Warriors: New Life: A warriors fanfiction

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  • Hey! So I have been writing A LOT, and I figured I'd post a story I've been working on on here. It's after the last battle, so if you haven't read The Last Hope, click back and go get the book! Jk, you don't need to, but still......
    It starts with Lionblaze and Cinderheart's kits. They name them Hollykit, Firekit, and Fernkit after Hollyleaf, Firestar, and Ferncloud.
    I will update chapters whenever I can!

    Warriors: New Life

    Lionblaze purred at the sight of his newly born kits. "They're beautiful." He purred, his eyes bright. Cinderheart, his mate, smiled. "They will be great warriors." She purred happily. Lionblaze tilted his head. "Have you thought of names?" He asked. Cinderheart shook her head. "No, not yet." She looked at a small ginger tabby tom. "But I think we should call him Firekit. In memory of..." she paused and Lionblaze continued. "In memory of Firestar." He said, his amber eyes clouded. His gaze swept from Firekit to a small black She-kit. "And Hollykit. In memory of Hollyleaf." He said, remembering his sister. She had died a brave death when she fought in the Dark Forest battle. Lastly, he looked at the final kit. It was a She-kit, and she was pale gray, with a few darker specks. It reminded him of Ferncloud. The cat who nursed when his real mother-Leafpool-and her sister-Squirrellflight-couldn't*. It was strange, all his kits resembled cats who had died. Cats who died in the Final Battle. He looked over as Jayfeather, his brother, padded into the den. "Hey, Jayfeather, are they healthy?" He asked. Jayfeather stifled a purr of amusement. "Worried about your kits, huh? Don't worry, they're perfectly healthy." He said. He sat down, wrapping his tail around his paws. "What are their names?" He asked. Lionblaze looked at his brother. "We named them after cats who died-you know, In the battle. The gray she-kit is Fernkit, after Ferncloud. The Black she-kit is Hollykit. After....After Hollyleaf." He meowed, looking at his paws. He saw Hollykit squirm at Cinderheart's belly, and he smiled. "And the ginger tabby tom is Firekit.....After Firestar." He said. The death of the previous ThunderClan leader was hard on every cat in the clan, but they were thriving. Bramblestar was a good leader as well. Jayfeather nodded. "Those are good names. I wonder if they're anything like Hollyleaf, Ferncloud and Firestar?" He wondered aloud. Lionblaze looked at Firekit. 'I wonder too.' He thought. Jayfeather stood. "I have to go check on Purdy's cough. See you later." He meowed as he padded out. Lionblaze stood and licked his Mate's ear before heading out. "I love you." He purred. Cinderheart purred back, licking his cheek. "Me too." She purred. Lionblaze padded out, sitting by the warrior's den. He saw Dustpelt, Sandstorm, Graystripe, Millie, and Purdy talking outside the Elder's den while Lilypaw and Seedpaw cleaned the inside. Cherryfur, and Moleclaw, the newest warriors, slept inside the den after their long night's vigil. Berrynose, Bumblestripe, Foxleap, Amberpaw, and Dewpaw returned from the Dawn patrol, and Leafpool, Birchfall, Icecloud, and Rosepetal returned from the hunting patrol, all carrying some sort of prey. Dovewing padded into the nursery with Cinderheart, her belly swollen with kits who had yet to arrive. Lionblaze looked over to see his brother staring at him. "We need to talk." He said. Lionblaze looked at him in confusion. "Why?" He asked. "Just come." Jayfeather said. He stood and walked into his den, flicking his tail for Lionblaze to follow. Lionblaze paused, but followed his littermate. "What is it?" He asked as they got into Jayfeather's den. "I don't know, but I just received a prophecy." He meowed. Lionblaze's eyes widened. "B-but I thought the prophecies were all done with after the battle! I thought they were fulfilled!" He said. Jayfeather shook his head. "Apparently not. But all I know is I was In here, sorting herbs, when I passed out. And Rock came to me." He said. "I won't tell you the prophecy yet though. I think We should tell Bramblestar. We can trust him." Lionblaze nodded. They had hidden the prophecy from Firestar, and when he found out they knew about it, he told them they could trust him. They had to trust Bramblestar as well."Yeah. So when?"
    "Now." He said. They had gone into Bramblestar's den, joined by Dovewing, since she was a major part of the previous prophecies, and Squirrelflight, the Deputy. Jayfeather told the the prophecy. "The flaming heart that blazed so brightly shall blaze again, and the Holly's leaf will grow again, covering the darkness and replacing it with light. The Fern will be soft as a feather-like cloud**" Jayfeather recited. "I have no idea what it means, but Rock said something about kits, but I didn't hear the rest." Lionblaze blinked. "Kits?" He meowed. Jayfeather nodded. "And it was right after yours were born."
    There's the Prologue.
    *Correct me if I'm wrong. I was too lazy to look it up.

    **That prophecy sounds really Dumb.... :T

    Chapter 1:
    ~*4 moons old*~
    Firekit laughed as his sister, Hollykit pounced on him. "Got you, you smelly RiverClan warrior!" She mewed. He pushed her off. "Who said I was RiverClan? I'm.....WindClan!" He said, barreling his sister over. "Oh, it's on, rabbit-breath!" She squeaked, leaping on him. "ThunderClan rocks!" Firekit squeaked as she landed on him. "Okay, okay, Thunderclan is best!" He mewed. He looked at his sister, who was sitting with the elders. "I wonder why she likes talking to them so much?" He asked.
    "I think she reminds Dustpelt of someone, Firekit." His mother, Cinderheart purred. "Say, why don't you go see If your dad is around? I can't find him. Can a big warrior like you do it?" She laid down. Firekit nodded. "Yeah!" He squealed happily. He ran off towards the warrior's den. "Lionblaze?" He whispered. He knew some warriors were grumpy, and a few of them were asleep. He looked around for his father's golden pelt, but he could only see Cherryfur and Moleclaw asleep in their nests. 'Not here.' He thought. He darted out and went to the elders. Sandstorm seemed to like him, and he thought she was really nice. At least, when she wasn't grumpy. "Hey, Sandstorm? Do you know where Lionblaze is?" He asked. Sandstorm purred. "He's over there, talking to Jayfeather." She said, pointing towards the medicine den. his father and Jayfeather were talking outside of it. Firekit smiled. "Okay! Thanks Sandstorm!" He said. He darted over to his dad. "Hey, Lionblaze! I found you!" He mewed.
    Lionblaze smiled. "Good job!" He purred.
    "Yeah. Cinderheart said that a good warrior like me could find you! Did I do good?" Firekit asked. Lionblaze nodded, lifting his paw and rubbing his son's head. "You did great." He meowed. Firekit grinned. "So can you play with me?" He asked. Lionblaze smiled. "Sure. But maybe later. I have to go on a patrol." He said. Firekit pouted. "Awww! But I wanna play! And Dovewing's kits aren't born yet so I can't play with them." He complained "You should go play with your sisters. I'm sure they'll play." Lionblaze said.
    "But they're so boring! Can I go on patrol with you?" Firekit asked. Lionblaze shook his head. "No, sorry, but until you're six moons old, you can't." He said. He sounded serious but there was a smile on his face. "Now go play with your sisters." He told him, and he padded off the join the patrol. He was about to go himself when Hollykit raced up from the nursery. "Jayfeather! Jayfeather! Dovewing's having her kits!" She mewed, panting. Jayfeather nodded. "Okay. Tell your mom I'll be right there." He said. Hollykit nodded and ran off. He was normally a grumpy cat, but he was kind with Hollykit. Well, he was kind with him and Fernkit too, but it was different, like Jayfeather knew Hollykit. He looked at Firekit. "Hey Firekit. Can you fetch Bumblestripe and tell him? You may still be a kit but Im sure you can handle it." He said. Firekit nodded enthusiastically, running over to the Elder's den to ask Sandstorm, again, where a cat was. "Hey, Sandstorm! Where's Bumblestripe?" He panted. Sandstorm blinked. "What's the rush?" She asked. "D-Dovewing's having her kits, and Jayfeather asked me to find Bumblestripe to tell him!" He breathed. Sandstorm nodded. "Well, Bumblestripe went on patrol with your father and some other cats." She meowed. She looked over at Lilypaw. "Say, Lilypaw, go find Bumblestripe and bring him back here! Tell him Dovewing's having her kits!" She called towards the young cat. Lilypaw nodded and darted out. A few minutes later and Bumblestripe burst into the clearing. "IS SHE OKAAAAYYYY?!?!?" He yowled. Sandstorm stifled a mrrow of amusement. "She's fine, we just want you to be there when she's done." She meowed. Bumblestripe sighed in relief. "Phew...." He said. Graystripe Sighed. "Wow, my very own son is now going to be a proud father...." He meowed. Millie flicked his shoulder. "I'm sure your father would have said that." She purred. Graystripe shrugged. "I suppose so." Bumblestripe smiled. "I should get Dovewing something to eat." He said. Firekit looked at The nursery. 'Soon I'll have some friends to play with!' He thought happily.

    ~*POV SWITCH! Dovewing*~
    Dovewing bit down hard on her stick as another spasm shook her body. "I didn't think having kits would be so hard!" She said through gritted teeth.
    "Don't worry, you're doing perfectly fine." Jayfeather meowed. He felt her stomach. "It's time." He meowed. Dovewing grit her teeth harder. "I know!" She told him. Soon enough, four healthy kits were born. She sighed in exhaustion. Jayfeather had left, and she was as tired as possible. Finally she took a look at her kits, suckling at her belly. One was a gray-blue she-kit, another a white she-kit. The other two were toms, a dark tabby and a gray tom. She purred. Bumblestripe burst into the den. "Dovewing, are you all right?!" He asked. Dovewing let of a purr of amusement. "I'm fine. I was thinking of names. For the two she-kits, I thought of Bluekit and Snowkit. I had always loved those names." She meowed. Bumblestripe nodded. "They're great names." He meowed. Dovewing nodded. She pointed at the dark tabby. "And Tigerkit." She meowed. It looked so much like Tigerheart, her first love. But she was with Bumblestripe now, and he made her happy. But She thought that she'd name her kit after Tigerheart. Bumblestripe seemed to understand. "Can I name this one?" He asked, pointing towards the small gray tom. "I want to call him Ashkit. He looks like he's got a bunch of ashes on him." He purred. Dovewing nodded. "Then Ashkit it is." She purred. She looked at her kits. "Bluekit, Tigerkit, Ashkit, and Snowkit." She meowed, licking their tiny heads. "You will be great warriors."

    And There's the first Chappie.

    Chapter 2:
    ~*6 moons old*~
    Hollykit jumped up with glee. 'Today Im becoming an apprentice!' She thought excitedly. Firekit and Fernkit sat at her side, and she could see they were excited too. She perked her ears up, waiting for the call.
    "May all cats old enough to catch their prey, join here beneath the highrock for a clan meeting!" She heard Bramblestar call in a few moments. "That's us!" Firekit mewed. Hollykit darted up to her father, who was sitting with Cinderheart and Jayfeather, followed by her brothers. As soon as the others gathered, Bramblestar continued his speech. "As you all know, this clan is thriving. And this clan celebrates the making of new warriors. But before that can happen, we must train the young from kithood to adulthood. I am pleased to welcome three future warriors and set them on that path. Hollykit, Firekit, and Fernkit, please step forward." Bramblestar meowed, looking down at the three cats. Hollykit couldn't contain herself, but she forced herself to walk to her leader in polite moderation. Fernkit seemed to have the same idea, but it looked like Firekit was about to explode with glee. As they reached Bramblestar, he was literally on his toes. 'Now that's excitement.' Hollykit thought with a grin. "These three kits have reached their sixth moon, and are now ready to become apprentices." Bramblestar yowled. He turned to Hollykit. "Hollykit, from this day forward, until you receive your warrior name, you shall be known as Hollypaw. Your mentor will be Ivypool." He meowed, looking at the she cat.
    "You have trained well, and every cat admires your bravery and courage. I hope that you will pass on all you know to Hollypaw."
    He turned to Firekit. "You will be known as Firepaw, and your mentor will be Berrynose. Berrynose, you have proved yourself to be a courageous, strong, warrior with an arroga–I mean fearless personality. I hope you will pass that on to Firepaw." He meowed. Quiet Purrs of amusement rung around the clearing—just about every cat but Berrynose was chuckling.
    Bramblestar cleared his voice and continued.", looking at Fernkit. "Fernkit. From this day forward, you will be known as Fernpaw. You shall be apprentice to Foxleap." He turned to the crowd and looked at the ginger tom. "You have great skills in battle and hunting and had a fine mentor in Squirrellflight. I hope you pass those skills on to Fernpaw. Meeting adjourned."
    The apprentices leaped forward to touch noses with their mentors. Hollypaw looked at her mentor. "So what are we going to do first?" She asked. Ivypool smiled. "We're going on border patrol. I'll teach you some things on the way, like scents." She meowed. "I'm not sure which border we'll be patrolling though. Squirrelflight will tell us." She glanced up, and Hollypaw saw Squirrelflight looking at them. "Ivypool. Can you take Hollypaw, Toadstep, Leafpool, and Bumblestripe and check on the WindClan border. Take Jayfeather with you; he told me he needs to gather some herbs." She told them, flicking her tail towards Jayfeather, who was sitting by the Nursery, his blind blue eyes shining in the sunlight. Hollypaw heard once that he first trained as a warrior, but had to continue his training as a medicine cat. It must've been hard to have his dreams crushed like that. Every kit wants to be a warrior, right? "Hollypaw! We're going." Ivypool's mew startled her out of her thoughts. She nodded. "O-Okay." She mewed. She followed her mentor out of the clearing and through the thorn barrier, into the forest. The leaves were a beautiful red, orange, and yellow. The air was crisp with the leaf-fall air. She could hear the birds singing as well. It was amazing. "Ivypool, where is the WindClan border?" Hollypaw asked.
    "Just ahead. But I want you to do something." She stopped at a bramble bush. "Can you scent any prey here?" She asked. Hollypaw opened her jaws and tasted the air. There was definitely something there. She recognized the faint scent of squirrel, which she had scented frequently on the fresh kill pile. "I smell a squirrel." She said. Ivypool nodded. "Good job. But it hasn't been here in a while." She told her. She padded onward. "Lets get to the border. It's just ahead." Ivypool meowed. She smelled the air. "You smell that? That's WindClan. They live on the open moors and sleep outside as well." She explained. Hollypaw wrinkled her nose. "Ugh! They stink!" She mewed. Ivypool stifled mrrow of amusement. "Wait until you smell ShadowClan." She said, chuckling. A rustle in the bushes startled them, and Hollypaw froze. A lithe gray-black tom walked out of the bushes. Her eyes widened. He was a WindClan warrior! Yet she felt a connection to him...a feeling like she knew him.
    "Crowfeather! What are you doing here?" Hissed Ivypool. "I would think an older warrior such as yourself would know that you can't cross borders at will." Hollypaw glanced at her mentor and back at Crowfeather. The WindClan warrior showed no sighs of hostility, not a hair on his pelt was raised, his claws were sheathed, but Hollypaw could see sorrow in his blue* eyes. He looked at his paws. "I'm sorry. But I wan to join your clan." He meowed. Hollypaw froze. He wanted to join ThunderClan? How was that possible?! 'Is it allowed?' She wondered. Ivypool bristled. "Why would you want to do that?" She interrogated. Hollypaw looked at her mentor, and then back to the rest of the patrol. Toadstep and Bumblestripe had their lips drawn back in a snarl, and Jayfeather glared at Crowfeather. But Leafpool looked at Crowfeather, the deep sorrow on her face was obvious. "C-Crowfeather...." She whispered. Hollypaw glanced at the tom. He was staring straight at her, eyes wide, as if she was a flying hedgehog. She looked at him intensely. "What?" She asked. "H-Hollyleaf....." He whispered. "Hollyleaf? Wrong, I'm Hollypaw." She meowed. She tried staying calm, but something was bugging her. She felt like she knew him, even though she just met him. And Hollyleaf....who was that? Was it a deceased friend of his? Maybe family? "Sorry. You just look like her, I think." Crowfeather said.
    'He thinks? What's that supposed to mean?' Hollypaw thought. She saw Jayfeather step forward, facing Ivypool. "We should take him back to camp and hear him out." He said. Ivypool hesitated, but nodded curtly. "Fine." She growled. "Come on." And she turned in the direction of camp. Toadstep and Bumblestripe stood on the two sides of Crowfeather, and Leafpool took up the rear. Hollypaw fell in beside Leafpool. As they reached camp, they were getting all sorts of glares. Bramblestar stood out on the Highledge. Ivypool looked up to him. "We found him inside the border. He said he wants to join our clan." She explained. Crowfeather dipped his head. "I'm sorry I trespassed. But I left my clan. I want to be here with the cat I love." Bramblestar narrowed his eyes. "Ah. We will let you stay for now. If you prove your 'loyalty' to your new clan, we will let you stay. But you must prove it to me." He meowed. Crowfeather nodded. "Okay. I swear I will prove it." He vowed.
    "I've never seen you act so polite, Crowfeather." Squirrelflight meowed. Crowfeather glared at her. "Well, I guess you could say that I'm trying to make a good impression." He said. He padded over to Leafpool and brushed her cheek with his. "I still love you." He whispered. Leafpool nodded. "Uh-huh." She said, and Hollypaw heard a light purr in her voice. She scowled. This couldn't be happening! A WindClan cat and a ThunderClan cat? It's against the warrior code! She shook her head and padded over to the fresh kill pile, where she was joined by Firepaw and Fernpaw. She picked a squirrel and Fernpaw chose a fat shrew.
    "That was quite the scene." Firepaw said. "But I'm sure it's happened before." Hollypaw looked at her brother. "What do you mean?" She asked. Firepaw shrugged. "I just feel like it has." He confessed. Hollypaw turned and looked at her paws. "Well then you can't be sure." She mewed. Firepaw just shrugged and took a bite out of his fresh-kill, a plump vole. "So, what did you do for training?" Hollypaw asked her siblings. "Foxleap taught me how to hunt! I caught a mouse and gave it to Dustpelt. He loved it!" Fernpaw mewed excitedly. Firepaw scowled. "You're lucky you have Foxleap. My mentor is the most bossy and arrogant cat I've ever met!" He complained. Fernpaw gulped down the last of her shrew. "It must be tough." She said sympathetically. Hollypaw looked at her brother. "I'm sure he just wants the best results. He wants to see you be the best warrior possible. That's why he's so bossy." Hollypaw explained. Firepaw nodded. "Yeah, I guess. But still...I can't stand it." He mewed. He finished his vole and padded into the apprentices den. "I'm going to rest." He meowed. Hollypaw and Fernpaw nodded. Fernpaw looked at her sister. "Hey, do you want to go see Dovewing's kits?" She Asked. Hollypaw nodded. "Sure!" She said. She finished up her squirrel and followed her sister into the nursery, grabbing a mouse for Dovewing as well. Dovewing looked up, pausing to lick Ashkit's head(he had some hair sticking up). "Hi, Hollypaw, Fernpaw. What can I do for you?" She asked. Hollypaw dropped the mouse In front of her. "We wanted to see the kits, and I thought I'd get you some prey while we were at it." She meowed. Dovewing smiled. "Thanks." She purred. Tigerkit paused from suckling and looked at the mouse. "Dovewing, I want some!" He mewled. Dovewing shook her head. "Sorry dear, but you're not old enough to eat fresh kill." She said. Tigerkit pouted, but went back to suckling. Snowkit and Bluekit laid together, sleeping, while Ashkit played with a ball of moss in the corner. Hollypaw smiled. They were so cute, and she remebered it wasn't long ago that she was a kit in the nursery. She said good bye to Dogewing and headed out of the nursery, looking at the sky. It was blue, and full of clouds. But all of a sudden a flash of red clouded her vision. Blood covered the ground and bodies littered the ground.
    'You can stop this......' A voice whispered.Terror surged through her body and blood pounded in her ears as a cat lunged for her. She closed her eyes, expecting pain, but none came. She opened her eyes, and she was still in the clearing, and every cat was going on as if nothing happened. 'Phew, just a dream.' She thought, but the words rang in her ears. 'You can stop this.....' It had said. She knew what it was. It was an omen, a message from StarClan. But she had to wonder what it was, and why she was a part of it....
    And there's the super-long second chappie. I'm sorry, but I HAD to make Crowy join ThunderClan. I HAD TO.
    I is working on Chappie 3.
    (Sorry, I purposely do that sometimes; for the heck of it.)

    Tell me what you think!

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  • Good job! I enjoyed reading it, even with the grammatical errors. But don't worry about those!
    My favourite part had to beee......

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  • LOVE IT! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :P :P :P :P :P
    MORE!!!!!! ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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  • Good job! I enjoyed reading it, even with the grammatical errors. But don't worry about those!
    My favourite part had to beee......

    I'm glad you liked it, and I'm sorry about the grammar, I haven't had time to revise it :T

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  • LOVE IT! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :P :P :P :P :P
    MORE!!!!!! ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

    Thanks! I haven't finished chapter three yet, but soon, I will!

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