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Drunk on You (PAFP / BxG / Werewolf Guy Needed)

6 60


Freedom isn't mine to receive (Pafp,BxG,Female needed!)

132 584


I'm prepared to serve my Queen(Pafp,BxG,Female needed!)

48 174


Gotta eat to live, (Pafp, male needed) gotta steal to eat, tell you all about it when I've got the time!

8 91


because I fell in love {pafp} with the girl at the rock show

9 139


Well...YOU'RE a Surprise...! {PAFP}

2 18


he's rather pathetic for a vampire king, you'll be just fine (BxG)

30 251


There's gonna be a heartache tonight A heartache tonight, I know { private }

2 37

Princess of Hearts

how come she's so afraid of falling in love? { private }

0 13

Why me when you can have any other girl PAFP

408 2,837


This Is Not a Dream (PAFP)

223 2,066


it's everything about you you you { pafp || liam payne & a girl needed } it's everything that you do do do

0 26

Bad Apple (PAFP BxB or BxG)

5 54


Demons (PAFP)(BxB or G)

69 343


High muse and low on thread(plotting)

6 58


A Ghostly Human (PAFP) (BxB or BxG)

20 203


Sly Dragon (PAFP) (BxB or G)

8 88


and if you like camera's flashing every time we go out { pafp || needs liam payne } oh yeah and if you're looking for someone to write your break up songs about

0 26

Bittersweet Tragedies (BxG, PAFP) Fulfilled with a Bloodied Blade

22 159


When the good girl goes bad~(Private with Moon•Dancer)

40 189