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Why me when you can have any other girl PAFP

173 936

Brooke Haufling

Amusement Park Horror @luya Private

99 374


we were [boy needed] childhood friends ?

647 3,199

Shiranai San

I dont need your help!(BxB) But... Can you stay a bit longer?

486 2,483


You Kidnapped Me but You're A Vampire? (male vampire needed)

141 380


.• Tag {Pafp - BxB} Your It •.

6 35


Bride Of A Monster

75 397


The Butterfly's Parter (pafp - gxb)

0 9

The Butterfly's Parter [pafp - gxb]

6 53


The Resurrection Effect ||Jump in roleplay||See more details inside||

11 157


.• Tag {Pafp - BxB} Your It •.

0 14

To Love A Wild One (PAFP)

85 978


Love has no restrictions

380 2,312

Red Phantom Wolf

No Good Deed (PAFP !Tokyo Ghoul AU! Semi Adv. BxB) Goes Unpunished.

45 274


now i'm falling it's a long way down from here { pafp - 1d - liam payne needed }

15 276

Princess of Hearts

To him you are just another d o l l and I tried to warn ya { p a f p -- l i a m p a y n e n e e d e d }

14 112

Princess of Hearts

The Guard Dog //PAFP//

17 266


Go away (Pafp - GxG - Advanced - Self harm) Stay with me

18 110


Survival of the Fittest. [pafp]

6 48


Stay Away. [ PAFP ] [ G x G & G x G ]

12 92