Whispering Pines

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  • About Whispering Pines

    A large pine forest with a canopy so dense no light can filter through to the undergrowth. Interesting creatures, microbes and fungi live here that glow with their own luminescent light, helping to assist in the growth and sustenance of organisms that otherwise would not be able to survive with no light. There is an eerie feel to this forest, as the wind doesn’t break to the undergrowth and constantly sounds like whispering as it blows through the upper reaches of the forest.

    The Shadow Veil occupies Whispering Pines. These are some landmarks in the Shadow Veil:

    Stony Ruins

    Situated on the west side of the Whispering Pines is a much more extensive collection of stony ruins. Half fallen houses and overgrown paths create a presence in the Whispering Pines that enhances the ominous feel. It was here that humans not only failed to live, but they also failed to leave. Unfit for the conditions given by the Whispering Pines, those who erected the ruins perished within. Their old bones are buried deep within the soil, but a stony memory remains within the ruin. Some of the small buildings are salvageable as living spaces, enough for a small group to have shelter and perhaps make a living in the strange forest - so long as they can adapt to the darkness only pierced by the glowing organisms and plants that make their home there.


    A small colony of humans determined to stay and live on Orcadia when all other humans left erected a small but sturdy castle. The colony did not last long, as their determination was not enough to overcome the challenges of living not only in Orcadia, but in a dark and strange forest. Their castle, however, is still standing. The stones used to build the structure are worn smooth and shiny with time, and the glowing moss has started to encroach on the building’s foundation. Inside it is very open, with only a few small rooms and secluded corners. In the small basement of the castle, there is a rough cave system that leads a short distance from the castle, up into small stony ruins of an old, crumbling graveyard. Still within the Whispering Pines, these ruins also have a constant, thick covering of fog at all hours of the day.