Vessel Lake Meadow

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  • About Vessel Lake Meadow

    Five lakes in a close area that are completely separate from one another. The distinct features of each of these lakes make them an interesting place to live and visit.

    • Cinnabar Lake is notorious for its blood red water due to the vibrant bacteria that make their home within the lake. This lake has water most animals cannot drink without getting sick, as the bacteria thrive within bloodstreams as well.
    • Limpid Lake is the largest of the five. The water is crystal clear and naturally purified. The lake goes so deep in the middle and so far into Agrelos’s core that it boils, pushing the boiling and purified water up while the water on top is cycled underneath. The strong riptides directly down into the deep lake make it extremely dangerous for anyone to try and swim, but drinking and splashing in the shallow edges is typically safe. The water on top is cool even in hot weather because as the boiling water nears the surface, small icy organisms that live and feed off the sand, clay, and dirt on the lake floor lower the water’s temperature.
    • Hale Lake is the lake everyone is after. The water is not as purified and clean as Limpid Lake, but it is still safe to drink. It is the second largest lake and filled with water dark blue in color. The currents are soft and the temperature never gets too cold or too hot. It is the perfect swimming lake and is loved by most all animals looking to cool off in the water.
    • Balmy Lake is the second smallest of the five lakes and practically a hot spring. The water is always warm due to the stones that line the bottom and sides having the ability to absorb massive amounts of sunlight. It is a great place to relax and unwind even during the winter. The water does not taste the best, but it wouldn’t kill anyone to drink it.
    • Villa Lake is the smallest of the five lakes, just big enough to surround the island in its center. On that small island is an abandoned grey town that can be accessed by a slightly crumbling stone bridge that stretches to Villa Lake's southern bank.

    Painted Brigade occupies the West. Painted Brigade resides on an islands, surrounded by Villa Lake. One would reach said island via their crumbling stone bridge. This bridge stretches to the lake’s southern banks. The island is rather petite, but large enough to house the Clan’s town and the castle they reside in. These are landmarks in Painted Brigade:

    Colour Town

    This town was named after the previous dwelling of Painted Brigade before the big world transfer. The town has rather space furnishing; despite that, the town has withheld generations of damage. Once Painted Brigade moved into this particular town, they made it a tradition to paint the houses as they moved in. The town was no longer as gray as it was before. Many houses are awaiting an arrival of a Painted Brigade member, thus remain gray. Houses that have residents may often have firefly jars on their front porches and along the street ways is Mycena Luxaeterna. These are glowing mushrooms that end up lighting the way by emitting a bright, yellow-green glow constantly.

    Whitecoat Lab

    This lab is a stone house that has been painted white and the symbol of Whitecoat’s bandana. This house is meant to hold sick patients and acts as an infirmary.

    Mural House

    The Mural House is meant for a place that members can come to paint their life stories, or anything they'd like, in all honesty.

    Muzikant Castle

    This castle is built of stone and it sits behind the small town. It only has two stories, so isn’t very big. It happens to be gray in color, but it has become tradition to paint one’s paw and put it among the castle wall. This lets them leave their mark and also give colorful life to the building.


    To the side of the castle is a well, and a garden that the members are just now beginning to build, in order to spice up the place.

    Great Hall

    The castle opens up immediately to the Great Hall, which is a large, rectangular hallway. Going from left to right, the rooms on this level are: the kitchen, the throne room, and the ballroom. When the hallway opens up in the middle, it reveals a dining group setting. There is a long, wooden table that also has chair at the side. Members come here on occasion to party and eat. This is also the meeting area for the Clan under usual circumstances. Almost against the wall, in front of the this large table, is a throne that houses a purple crown. This crown is on the back of the throne and is never worn. The symbolism is quite clear, however, that this seat belongs to the Commander. This seat is where the Commander sits to start and hold meetings. This room is nicknamed both the Banquet Hall and the Throne Room.


    The kitchen has two entrances, one is through the Great Hall and the other is through the Throne room. The kitchen is the door on the farthest left of the Great Hall. The kitchen is where the food is prepared, stored, and stocked.


    The Ballroom is located to the farthest right. It’s a large, rectangular shaped room. There are chairs stacked against a wall, to allow guests to sit down. It has an old hearth toward the middle back of the room. It’s used for celebrations, but can also be used as another room for the stylists to pain on members.


    On the far left is a staircase. It’s a single staircase that goes both up and down. At the bottom of the castle is a dungeon and the upstairs of the castle is the commander’s office and Lucinda’s library.


    There are three rooms in this top level. To the left is an unnamed room that houses foreign visitors. The middle houses the Commander’s Office, which is open to anybody that wishes to discuss anything. Finally, to the right is Lucinda’s library.


    The only room downstairs is long and hollow. It has a dirty and musky scent. This is used for any violent related action, such as capturing and torturing. Cells align the walls, but there is also an open area for the members to do whatever they place. This room is called the dungeon and accurately so.

    The Sanctuary occupies the East. These are landmarks in The Sanctuary:

    Giant Gaia Tree

    Located in the midst of Vessel Lake meadow is a towering Gaia Tree. Magic imbued within its branches allowed it to grow to sizes many times larger than its natural state. Sufficient nutrient sources from the surrounding lakes sustain the growth and longevity. Even in winter, the tree maintains its summer green. It is unknown why, but the tree has a large opening at its base, and upon entering there is a large, swirling wooden pathway that spirals upwards. The pathway branches into many inner wooden trails leading to crevices and dens all throughout the tree. This makes it a safe, spacious place for a large group to live, secure within its branches.