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  • About the Waterway

    From a distance it appears as if the ocean cut in on the land, but up close it is an intricate system of freshwater streams and rivers that flow down to the north, meeting the salt water that flows down from the south in a central brackish pool. Through some unknown magic, water also flows uphill in different avenues, allowing freshwater to return to the lake that feeds it as well as the saltwater to return to the great expanse of the ocean. Because of the dual directionality of the water, the land that peeks its way through the “highways” of water, as well as its depth and mixture of both salt and fresh, sea life of all sorts can be found living as if in their own territory right in the center of the land. Inhabitants make their homes and form their own groups and societies within the waterway system and through different rivers feeding into other territories, they can actively interact with landweller.

    Some interesting landscapes among the rushing Waterway are described below.

    Underground Glowing Cave

    With its entrance on the side of a hill in the Waterway, this magnificent cave is one of the many true wonders of Orcadia. While the entrance is only big enough to allow about one grizzly bear-sized creature in at a time, it quickly opens up into a room big enough to house twenty grizzly bears. The ceilings reach about twenty feet high. The walls are packed with sharp crystalline structures of varying colors. The floor is a smooth white stone, oddly free of dirt and dust. Being in the waterway, all around the cave behind the crystals is water instead of dirt. Rivers rush constantly around outside of the cave, causing the crystals to burst into a whirlwind of colors that dance vibrantly off of the white stone floor and dazzle anyone who enters. Occasionally one can find broken crystal chunks laying on the floor. They're usually quite sharp, so if someone wants to take it with them, they must be careful not to cut themselves.

    Twisting Trees

    Surrounding the underground glowing cave - as if to highlight its location - is a small grove of twirling oak trees. These trees are similar to regular oaks, except they thrive in extremely wet environments and nowhere else. Their trunks aren’t dense, and their branches and trunks swirl in loops as they twist through the sky and even intertwine with one another. It is even suspected that the entire grove is one tree twisting in and out of the water. The leaves that grow on this tree are a bright vibrant red. Flying creatures can see this landmark for miles, especially if flying over the Bleak Wilds.

    Stone Whales

    In the middle of the waterway, surrounded by the rushing currents, is a large stretch of grassy land with oversized stone bodies of four whales. No one knows how they got there, how they died, or how they turned to stone, but everyone has their own ideas and speculations. All four whales have their mouth's gaping wide, and inside is mostly hollow with some thin stone partitions that almost seem to wall off rooms within the whales. All of the whales are made of a pure white stone that glows similar to the obelisk on the Floating Archipelago except one, which is a deep cobalt blue. The cobalt blue stone whale is the only one without any partitions within, making it easy for a bunch of people to meet up and shelter inside.