Silent Marsh

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  • About the Silent Marsh

    These marshlands are a sticky, wet place with reptiles and insects in great abundance. Those with a great tolerance for being sopping wet and breathing humid air are best suited to live in this area. There are small patches of dry land situated throughout the marsh, but they are hard to find.

    These are some landmarks in the unoccupied marshes:

    Moss Rock

    This large rock sits in the middle of a relatively dry clearing, adorned with a soft, thin covering of vibrant green moss. Small scratches can be seen on the smooth sides, an unorganized history of creatures scrabbling to get atop it. The view is quite good atop the rock, as the marsh itself has little things growing to great heights. It also provides a soft meeting place if someone wanted to direct their words to a large group of people.

    Tree Dens

    Trees do grow in the marsh, though they are not as tall as those in a lush jungle. An odd pattern of seven trees fixated in a semicircle around the Moss Rock have inordinary hollowed out dens fixated at different heights in each tree. These hollowed out dens tend to have their fair share of moss covering within, but it provides a nice shelter from the rains that the marsh so often sees.

    Floating Garden

    Smaller trees than the seven containing dens encircle the clearing. Their twisting branches have a tendency to form small bowls and crevices. Small animals like birds and squirrels will make nests in the small crevices, and once the nests are abandoned, they degrade into fertile soil. The soil is a great place for flowers of all sorts to grow, and that is why you will see a vibrant floral collection on many of these garden trees. If tended to, they could also grow other plants such as vegetables and crops for food.