Mt. Kodiak

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  • About Mt. Kodiak

    A lone mountain to the north of the Arcane Mountains. Rumor has it that dark energy from the great spirit Dherog trapped in the core of Agrelos seeps through these mountains and into the atmosphere. It is a place that most creatures avoid, only the most daring will attempt to reach its peak. Many who venture there never return

    Wind Haven currently occupy Mt. Kodiak. These are some landmarks in Wind Haven:


    Long ago when humans still existed in Agrelos, they tried to settle in on Orcadia. This little cottage town is what resulted from such an attempt. Having been lived in for less than a month before desertion, a fine layer of dust covered everything before creatures of all sorts took to the cottages as their home. The small collection of stone and brick cottages held up well to the weathering of the world, and remain perfect for shelter. Their position on Mt. Kodiak near its base is perfect for shelter against the wind.