Isle of Silver Sands

Check out the Court of Halcyon, holy knights of the Bleak Wilds and a growing unboarded proclan who aim to bring peace and order to Agrelos!
  • About the Isle of Silver Sands

    A nice tropical island to the southeast of Orcadia. It is home of palm trees and is surrounded by a nice, sandy beach filled with unique silver sand. Because of the color and small size of the sand granules, the sand is cool and soft to the touch. It is thought that the sand came from Silverstone, a rare rock of Agrelos.

    Magical stone boats very similar to the ones used to ascend and descend the Floating Archipelago can be found on the southeastern and southwestern banks of both Orcadia and Delos respectively. Once someone climbs in, and thinks about where they wish to go, the boats will carry them through the water to the Isle and wait to carry them back again. These boats rise from the water, so that there is always one available. They range in size depending on how many wish to ride. How the boats know what size to surface in is unknown.