Harrow Desert

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  • About the Harrow Desert

    During the day it reaches hot temperatures when the sun is at its peak, but quickly cools off in the evening. During the night it is bitterly cold. Northern desert dwellers must take necessary precautions if they plan on successfully living in this harsh, unforgiving environment.

    Sanguine Ruins currently occupy the Harrow Desert. Some landmarks in Sanguine Ruins:

    Blood Nile

    Located on the north end of Harrow desert, stretching across from east to west, the Blood Nile is a striking river that no traveler misses. Attributing to its name, the water is a deep crimson red. A special type of algae - different from that of Cinnabar Lake - lives in the river and feasts on oxygen trapped in the water. Because of this, no life can be found in the river. A special, unknown property causes the rushing river to be thicker than pure water, and it rolls down stream in a sluggish fashion. If anyone were to take water from the river, the color would almost instantly fade into a crystal clear, but the liquid would remain thick. It is safe to drink in small amounts but does little to quench thirst. Many find it fun to swim in, and due to the thick properties many things that aren't too dense will float on the surface with ease. Some people believe the Blood Nile to have the blood of the Gods flowing through it, however, and believe swimming in the river to be of great offense to the Gods. In the past, many sacrifices have been made on the river banks, and the bodies were then let loose into the river to float along downstream.

    Ice Pyramids

    Icy structures can be seen from miles, poking from the yellow sand just north of the Blood Nile in Harrow Desert. There are four great large pyramids, stretching high into the sky, and many smaller pyramids ranging from the size of a house to the size of a shrub. On the outside they are made of ice, cool to the touch and a great structure to lean against for any creature in need of a cool down. Cool down’s are needed infrequently in the Harrow Desert, which only experiences blistering temperatures for a short period of the day. The rest of the time it is just dry and cool. Even when the weather is hot, however, the pyramids remain unmelted. Not even a sheen of water can be seen on the surface, and obtaining any sort of hydration from them is impossible. Those that try to lick them for moisture will find their tongues glued to the side - so beware.

    A strange magic resides in each pyramid, because while the outside is a solid, clear ice you can see straight to the other side, the inside is a solid, smooth light grey stone. The opaque stone resonates a soft white light quite similar to the obelisk on top of the Floating Archipelago. Unlike the cool obelisk, however, these stones resonates just enough heat to be comfortable and provide warmth from the typically cool weather outside. One of the large pyramids has a hole at the bottom, and the inside is hollow and has a lot of open space with different overhangs of stone on the edges. One could climb the stone and speak to a large group of people from on top of it. Many of the smaller pyramids also have openings, opening into small rooms perfect for creatures to make themselves at home in.