Floating Archipelago

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  • About the Floating Archipelago

    Five floating islands to the northeast, each with their own special biome, are typically home to the strongest group. It is a great place to live, as highground always offers a great line of defense. A series of magical stone boats can be boarded on the coast of the Sandy Seafront. Once the boats feel someone step within them, the person only has to think ‘up’, and then the boat will begin to ascend in the air towards the main island. Once at the top, it will stop for those to disembark before descending once more to the beach below. When a boat is ascending or descending, another boat surfaces from the ocean, ready to be used by another creature. No one is quite sure what the magic is that drives these boats. All of the other four islands are linked to the main by different bridges, some more stable than others. A single solitary floating island is suspended in the west, a waterfall that cascades over the edge being the main provider for the freshwater lake that supplies the waterway. The magic that suspends these giant landmasses in the sky is still unknown. The main island is that of green, lush forests, while the four surrounding it are that of a frozen tundra, swampy wetlands, a forest of clouds, and a mountainous terrain. The frozen tundra is the most treacherous one to cross to, with a shaky bridge covered in sheets of ice. The most disorienting is the forest of clouds, as the thick fog can get just about anyone lost.

    Deep in the core of the floating islands on Agrelos lays a special magic. Within the mountains, tucked away on one of the islands, a local flora has developed into something astonishing. The pollen off these flowers and leafy greens has invaded a colony of dinosaur that originated on this very island. The dinosaurs find themselves needing this pollen and the magic imbued in it to survive. They can obtain this magical resource by inhaling the pollen, eating the vegetation, or eating another creature that had eaten the vegetation. This magic doesn't stop with this peculiar plant life. It also seems to run strong in the water of the floating islands. Why can these dinosaurs not just pick the vegetation up or transport the water if they desired to leave their home? Well, simply put because the life sustaining magic inside these things is tied to the islands! The same magic that keeps it afloat, also protects the wildlife and ensures their survival. These dinosaurs are locked in for life. Should they try to leave without this magic, they'd certainly wither away and die a death similar to that of starvation.

    Coven of Elysia currently inhabits this territory. This is some territory in Coven of Elysia:

    Shimmer Lake

    Located within the floating islands lies a placid lake. With no tributaries leading to the body of water, it is supposedly fed off of a large underground spring. Simply put, it is breathtaking to see considering how the light seemingly dances atop the water. However, this lake does not just shimmer because of the light but there are flecks and chunks of minerals studding the bottoms and the banks. It is stunning to see in the daytime but even at night, the lake is a sight to behold as some of the minerals emit a gentle glow. Because of the high mineral concentration, non native creatures have a difficulty drinking and ingesting the liquid, usually causing stomach aches.

    The lake is rather large and at gets deeper the further you tread in. The depth allows for some aquatic beings to live in complete darkness while others prefer to stay near the surface. There are no identified large predatory creatures residing in this lake but occasionally, some unidentifiable bones wash up on the banks of the lake, some skulls are complete with dagger-like teeth. This goes to hint that there may be undiscovered aquatic beasts roaming the dark depths but they are the least of the problems considering that they would likely not swim near the bright surface.

    Stone Cottages

    Another remnant of the times when humans tried to settle, these cottages are more worn and used than other dwellings erected on the mainland of Orcadia. This is probably because once the humans made it atop the mountain, they could not figure out how to make the magical boats carry them back down. So, it was here that the humans lived until their settlement died out. The stone cottages are near the white obelisk, and have a more comfortable, worn-in, homey feel to them. Sturdy as ever, their thick stone walls provide great shelter from any inclement weather.

    Stone Obelisk

    On the top of the Floating Archipelago, specifically the island that has the mystical woodlands, a large stone obelisk features a flat top, perfect for perching upon and gazing over the large clearing that the obelisk resides in. Strangely, the stone always feels cold to the touch, even on the hottest summer days. In the morning, if one looks close enough, veins of white can be seen trailing throughout the light grey stone. At night, the veins grow bright, illuminating the entire obelisk white. Its brilliance is beautiful, but it is not so bright as to disturb those dwelling in the stone cottages nearby. No one knows what magic causes the glow, but many have their own personal speculations.

    Credit to Des for assisting in writing this article!