Derelict Expanse

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  • About the Derelict Expanse.

    Within this southeastern desert, rain seems nonexistent, the days are hot, and the nights are cool. There are more desert dwellers here than in the northern desert, because even though the weather and temperature is extreme, it is less intense than that of the Harrow Desert.

    Cacti Forest

    Spiky and unpleasant, the Cacti Forest is every bit as you imagine. Clustered in the Derelict Expanse, it is one of the only sources of shade within the whole desert. In some places, the Cacti are so dense that they twist and curl around each other. Towards the edges of the Cacti Forest, they’re more spread out, allowing for larger animals to take a relaxing refuge in the shade - so long as they don’t bump into a cactus! The most prominent animals in this forest are lizards, owls, and snakes. Large creatures rarely make their home in the Cacti Forest.

    Solaris Kingdom currently occupy the north end of the Derelict Expanse. These are some landmarks in Solaris Kingdom:

    Forest Cave

    A long, long time ago, before any creatures inhabited Agrelos, a large meteor hurtled into the atmosphere and crashed right on the border between the Derelict Expanse and Bound Meadow. There it left a gaping hole, dusty, and empty. As the decades passed, the barren pit slowly accepted life. First small weeds and plants began to take root, then grass began spreading. Nearby rivers eroded and trickled down into the canyon. Now it is a lush, lively forest that thrives. There are different platforms along the face of the cliff that allow creatures to enter and exit the canyon, and one cave hidden by a curtain of lichen that slopes slowly upward to exit in the middle of the Bound Meadow.