Cogent Tundra

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  • About the Cogent Tundra

    This tundra is made up of snow, snow, ice, and snow, as well as a spattering of daring trees. Creatures that find solace in the cold can find a comfy home within the different tunnels and caves etched into the ice. Some even form snow igloos and other structures to live in. Despite being a frozen atmosphere, resources are abundant if one has the capabilities of withstanding the temperatures.

    A couple interesting landmarks can be found on the Cogent Tundra, landmarks some travelers make it their mission to explore. These are detailed below.

    Northern Lights Cave

    On the Cogent tundra one will find a large cave towards the middle of the uneven, icy expanse. This is the Northern Lights Cave, said to be a sacred place to speak to the Gods. Upon entering at night, a brilliant array of northern lights can be seen, trapped within the confines of the cave. There is a legend of a white polar bear that spent every single night of his life staring at the lights. The story goes that he went blind due to the immense exposure to the bright, colorful lights, but even blind he would sit and stare every night until he died. They say his spirit still haunts the cave, and his rumbling, wise voice can still be heard on some nights. He goes by many names, but one of the most common ones is Blight.

    Dragon Skeleton

    In these glacial wastes lies a titan of sorts, a gargantuan fallen dragon. The identity of the reptilian creature is well known though under much scrutiny and debate. The popular belief is that this beast was the first winged dragon ever bred by the humans. She is considered the matriarch that spawned many more winged children. Because of this, draconic visitors of these lands often trek to find her and offer their respects.

    The partially desiccated carcass is sealed within a mountain of impenetrable ice. The ice is thicker than ten feet, harder than diamond, and of course, never melting. Many have tried to unearth the corpse but to no avail. Even so, all attempts to disturb the deceased creature is considered highly offensive. Rumors even state that a curse will befall anyone who tries to excavate the dragon.

    The tomb isn't always visible, sometimes the snow falls thick and covers the spectacular tomb from view. Rare times the harsh winds of the tundra whip the flurries off and away from the remarkable resting place, allowing beings to observe the natural phenomena. If one is lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the elusive grave, it almost seems like the mummified beast is sleeping, not dead. Of course, this calls for many urban legends, one being that when the apocalypse is nigh, the dragon will reanimate and raze the entire planet until there is nothing left. Tales aside, it is a celebrated natural wonder.

    Dragon Skeleton description by Desgusting