Arcane Mountains

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  • About the Arcane Mountains

    Magic seems to be infused in the Arcane Mountains, a large mountain range spanning nearly all the way across Orcadia in the south. This mountain range has a much lighter feel than that of Mt. Kodiak, and provides an atmosphere better suited for those wanting to hike or live on a mountain.

    Cryptic Tunnels

    Within the Arcane Mountains lies a complicated system of tunnels. Their entrance can be found in many different places around the mountain range. These tunnels are lined with a mixture of subtly glowing rock. The color shifts from white, to blue, to grey the further you go into the cave systems, and those who reside there use the color shifts to help navigate their way. No one knows how these tunnels were created, but some suspect a large, extinct creature burrowed through the stone and made its home in the mountains. These tunnels twist and turn for miles, and creatures of most sizes are able to traverse them with little issue. Throughout the tunnels, mushrooms of all different sizes and types grow. Many glow with a magical light, and smashing them will free the glowing matter within them. These mushrooms can be used for painting, but be careful! Not all are edible. Some will make you sick, but others are incredibly lethal. These mushrooms sustain a lot of fauna, providing a food source for carnivores.

    Mushroom Village

    At the center of these cave systems lies a massive opening. The ground is flat and easy to walk on, while the walls curve into a large dome. The walls of the dome darken to black during the night and glow white in the daytime, mimicking the outside world. In this cavern grows mushrooms very similar to those found around the tunnels, except these are ginormous. Easy to burrow into, edible, and easily shaped, these mushrooms make great homes for those who choose to dwell in the caves. While they are edible, most save them only for the most dire circumstances, as their taste is quite bitter. The giant mushrooms create a sort of Mushroom Village, with ample space to house an entire group, and endless opportunites for house arrangements.

    Moonlight Cavern

    Another smaller opening lies a little ways away from the Mushroom Village. The walls in this domed clearing are blue. Crystals glow along the walls and occasionally fall down to the floor below. This dome has no top, but instead opens up to the sky above. Some suspect that the light filtering into this cavern set the pace for the light shifts in the Mushroom Village, but no one is for sure. The flooring of this cavern is clear, like the glassy surface of a still pond, and reflects the moonlight in almost a mystical fashion. Crystals growing in masses created ledges throughout the cavern, enabling someone to get a higher vantage point if they so choose.

    Arcane River

    The Arcane River stems from a lake at the base of the Arcane Mountains. This magical river defies gravity, flowing up the mountain instead of down. The river is strong enough to sweep others upstream, providing an effortless way to enter the tunnel systems if you know how to swim. While the main river ends at Lumin Lake, little streams branch off from it, feeding into many different tunnels. The glow of the water fades gradually as it flows further from the lake. Fish are abundant in the river system, glowing as a result of the water they inhabit.

    Lake Lumin

    At the end of the Arcane River, located near the Mushroom Village, there is a giant lake. Lake Lumin glows with a powerful aura, and despite water constantly flowing into it, it never overflows. In fact, the water level never changes in this lake, remaining a steady, sloping depth. At its center, no one has been able to swim down enough to reach the bottom. The water is calm, as if not being fed by any water system. Strangely enough, the temperature of the water always feels perfect to whoever is swimming in it. One might swim and think it warm, while another might drink it and think it tastefully cold. Those who swim within the lake often come out glowing for awhile. Despite this mysterious quality, the water is safe to drink and some claim it has a slightly sweet taste.