Treacherous Steppe

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  • This is a description of the Treacherous Steppe.

    The Treacherous Steppe is a large expanse of grassland that only the most daring travelers attempt to search. Not much lives on the windy expanse. Towards the south of the Steppe, things become much more treacherous, as an unnatural heat covers the land. Pools of lava lined in stone dot the southern edge of Delos. If a traveler attempted to go to the southern end of the Treacherous Steppe, it would likely be for the stones and crystals that the pools of lava create. No one knows quite how it happens, but within the pools of lava along the stone that houses them grows crystals and occasionally the rare silverstone that is a prized posession all across both Orcadia and Delos. If travelers aren't lucky enough for the lava to bubble and pop a stone out on the surrounding rocky bank of the pool, they have to have some way to scrape at the walls of stone submerged in lava to unearth the crystals and potential stones, drag them up, and harvest them.