Wild Peninsula

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  • This is a description about the Wild Peninsula.

    Housing a very similar landscape to that of the Bleak Wilds, the Wild Peninsula stretches out to the Southeast of Delos. Instead of the cool temperatures found on the Bleak Wilds, the Wild Peninsula instead has dry, warm weather for most of the year. Streams can be found running throughout the entire peninsula, and if you reach the end it provides a wonderful view out into the ocean from atop a high cliff.

    The Cartel occupies the Wild Peninsula. These are some of the landscapes found in their territory.


    On the southwestern corner of Delos, a grand mansion can be found. Built more as a statement, the most wealthy human family that tried to colonize Delos constructed the mansion even after deciding they wouldn't be staying. It was completed only to be deserted. The magnificent structure left on Delos is perhaps one of the strongest structures created by humans. Wiping the dust that collected over the time it was left alone, the mansion seems almost like new. The bottom level is open with smooth, flat flooring. The grand staircase that meets visitors upon opening the door arcs upwards into the second floor, which has six large bedrooms. In an obscure closet in the back of the bottom floor, there are treacherously steep stairs that lead downward into the expansive but musty basement. Here resides open space open to a plethora of different uses. Out the back of the house there is a magnificent view of the ocean from the edge of the peninsula. A large courtyard with a fountain still burbling naturally due to its clever construction houses pretty flowers and quite a few bees that tend to their continued growth each season.