Bound Meadow

  • This is a description of Bound Meadow

    Flowers of all vibrant colors can be found throughout this hilly grassland. Small streams lace their way through the landscape, feeding their fresh clean water into small ponds dotting the meadowland. The water stays pure and the flowers stay spry all year long due to the herds of unicorns that roam the plains. Their hooves leave behind prints of flowers and each drink they take from the ponds and streams rid them of any impurities. They keep a healthy balance to the meadowlands and make it a suitable habitat for many different creatures. Though they are many, spotting one of these unicorns is quite a rare sight.

    The Tribe of Unbounded Sky occupies the East. These are some landscapes in The Tribe of Storms and Stars.


    In the Bound Meadow is a luxurious castle. This castle has a massive library. The castle library extends from room to room and has tall book cases stretching ceiling to floor. These book cases adorn the walls and also have several 'islands' where they are in the middle of the room. As well as this massive library, The Tribe of Unbounded Sky has a giant telescope. Some say you can see the heaven's with this large of a telescope, but The Tribe of Unbounded Sky mainly uses it to view space. Sometimes it's hard to resist the urge to spy though! This telescope is located inside a spacious planetarium.