Chief Canyon

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  • This is a description of Chief Canyon.

    A large canyon that cuts deep into Agrelos. Treacherous paths lead down into the great depths. While there are some rocky overhangs halfway down that offer a splendid view of the inner reaches, rumor has it that the further down you go the more magic can be felt. Many believe it to be due to the great spirit Dherog trapped at the core.

    The Exiles currently occupy Chief Canyon. These are some landmarks in The Exiles:


    At the the end of the canyon near the Wild Peninsula there is a large gaping hole in the canyon wall. It forms an alcove that leads out to a black sanded beach where waves crash against the shore. There items like shells and even sea life can be found. Small pools of water teaming with life can also be found during the high tide. At night the place seems to be lit up as if the heavens have come down, dotted around the cove with glowing worms that hang on the canyon ceiling and fireflies that dance around the area.

    PRISON --

    The prison is an abandoned human structure, clinging to the walls of a cliff that forms one side of the canyon. It is built more like a castle, with three high walls protecting the main building and the fourth side covered by the sheer overhanging cliff-face itself. In fact, most of the time, the prison is in the shadow of the cliff face, providing some relief from the heat, storms, rain, and snow. Though the building may seem standard enough, the main material that makes up this edifice to suffering is a strange black stone, gleaming a deep red, that radiates an odd coolness even in the sweltering heat of the summer. The construction of the prison consists of this stone, fused together, so there is some semblance of joints between each unit. Overall, the shadows of the cliff and the strange building material gives the prison an eerie aura and it is no surprise that many believe the place to be haunted by the ghosts of criminals of the worst sort that were once imprisoned there and left to rot.

    *Lore: Dherog was 'injured' when they were sealed within Agrelos and their 'blood' came up to solidify as this type of rock. Finding it good building material, the prison builders used it but again, the malevolence was also imbued within the stone. The prison was abandoned because of the oppressive atmosphere.


    The main entrance of the prison is a massive gate of rusted metal and no longer really serves any purpose of keeping prisoners in or invaders out. Whereas once it stood strong to keep its inhabitants in, now, the gates swing loosely on creaking joints in the wind and corroding metal offers gaps where anyone can enter and leave freely. However, usually a couple of guards are stationed there to stand in as a metaphorical gate.

    Past the gate is an open courtyard, which is the main area of the Exiles camp. This is where training, events, and meetings are held in good weather.


    The cafeteria is the largest room in the Exiles prison and serves as an indoor gathering area. Old tables and benches were once thrown about, as if they were the toys of a giant, but the Exiles have neatened the place up to some semblance of its former glory. Sometimes, during parties, the place is done up with banners and other decor. The walls are decorated with the trophies of the Exiles' champions to memorialize them as exemplars of the community.

    THE CELLS --

    The rooms of the upper levels that once housed prisoners have now become homes of sorts, organized so that every Exile would have a room (possibly with a roommate). Each Exile is free to decorate their room how they wish. The corridors of the prison are now swept free of debris and everything is kept tidy by cleaners.


    The Warden's Office is where the Warden of the Exiles can be found should one need them. Right next to the office is the room so called the 'staff lounge' as this is where meetings with the HPs are held.


    The first level of dungeons is where the prisoners of the Exiles are kept in dank, gloomy cells and is a place of misery and pain. To further compound the prison's dark aura, some say the bowels of the prison, miles of dark dungeons below the first level, go on forever and ever into the rocks, but none can say for sure as those brave and perhaps foolish souls who have attempted to explore the deepest subterranean corridors have never returned. The skeletons and mummies that can sometimes be found there are said to be the remains of the lost (maybe brave? mad?) Exiles who went to explore or prisoners attempting to escape. Even spending time down there in the pressing darkness is maddening--the longer one spends down in the dungeons, the more...'loose' one's mind may become, as the darkness becomes home to distorted voices and monsters just lurking at the edge of vision. Imagined? Or real? Were these the same frights that took those intrepid explorers? No one knows. A guard is usually placed at the entrance of the lower dungeons to keep vigil over that door or maybe to make sure that the darkness doesn't claim another victim.

    *Lore: Again, this ties into the idea of the malevolence. The deeper they go, the more intense and stronger the malevolence becomes.


    One of the many caves that tunnel through the stone of the canyon, this cave is specially selected to be the site of branding ceremonies where Exiles can declare their loyalty to the group by marking their bodies permanently through blood and fire.

    BRANDING CEREMONY. After an Exile spends a night in the branding cave, they would be branded by a glowing mark that appears first in the morning light once they step outside the cave. It then fades away but whenever their blood is dripped into the fire, this mark appears again in the same spot on their body. This would be permanent and mark them as someone who was once part of their Exiles, even if they shapeshift or possess another body.

    *Lore: Basically, the cave is where Dherog's malevolence manifests most powerfully. The Exiles come to this cave, with thoughts of new life in their mind, and are branded as a canyon-dweller by this malevolence as a denizen of the canyon.