Chief Canyon

  • This is a description of Chief Canyon.

    A large canyon that cuts deep into Agrelos. Treacherous paths lead down into the great depths. While there are some rocky overhangs halfway down that offer a splendid view of the inner reaches, rumor has it that the further down you go the more magic can be felt. Many believe it to be due to the great spirit Dherog trapped at the core.

    The Exiles currently occupy Chief Canyon. These are some landmarks in The Exiles:

    Abandoned Prison

    The Exiles camp can be found in a prison left by humans. This prison is more interesting than others, to say the least. It is not a standard prison, but instead it is built into the wall of a cliff. The bars of each cell are long since rusting, making it hard to live there but The Renegades prevail.


    Deep in the canyon, there is a forested area. The forest trees are large, stretching high into the sky. They band together at the top, blocking out several areas of light. It is like a fence, when you walk through the forest. Light shines out in patches, but is blocked in other areas, giving it a patterned look. The forest is exceptionally warm, for some reason. Some say that it is magic coursing through it that makes it so hot. Others say that it is the unusual sand at the bottom of the forest. The forest does not have squishy moss beneath it, but a great, gray sand. How the trees grow in the sand at all, nobody knows.


    Different sized stones throughout territory - In the canyon territory there are several stones that are significant. They are significant because of their variable nature. Some of them are large, so large that they are immovable; while others are small and easily rolled.