Sundran Jungle

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  • This is the description of Sundran Jungle.

    The great divide between the north and the south of Orcadia. Within is a wild atmosphere of animals thriving in the vast resources the jungle provides. Rain is plentiful and the summer seems eternal. The only downside to the seeming oasis is the random, extreme electric storms that rock the jungle sporadically. It is important for any inhabitant to find ample shelter during one of these storms, as lightning will frequently arc through the sky, striking randomly at anything exposed to the clouds.

    Volary Flights occupies the East Sundran Jungle. These landmarks are in Volary Flights:

    Giant Kapok Tree

    Probably grown imbued with the same magic as that of the Giant Gaia Tree in Vessel Lake Meadow, the Giant Kapok Tree can be found in Sundran Jungle. This tree is not as hollow as the Gaia, but branches have woven themselves into ladders that lead up into spacious alcoves in the trunk and thicker branches of the tree. A large hollow at the bottom serves for a great place for many people to huddle in shelter should the terrible electric storms shake the earth, which is typical in the Sundran Jungle. Giant roots arc in and out of the ground, surrounding the tree magnificently, and looking akin to warped bridges snaking in and out of the earth. These roots would provide a great playground for children, so long as they took care not to fall from the higher arcs.

    Peregrine Falls
    Deep in the East Sundran Jungle there lies a serene view. It is beautiful to behold when one steps from the foliage of thick jungle leaves and growth to the edge of what appears to be some type of oasis. The water that funnels down almost appears to flow up instead of down and yet ripples appear in the large basin of water, splashing up because of how fast the water is going. The falls can be dangerous especially if someone falls into it simply because of how fast the water is actually going and why it is named as such. The basin is rimmed thickly with moss and there are lilypads that cover most of the surface. Fish can often be seen swimming around in the basin of liquid and above flying around are many glowing bugs that drift back and forth. Poison dart frogs can often be found here, as well as crocodiles from time to time and the water seems to have a slight ethereal glow to it.

    The Thunderlands occupies the West. These landmarks are in The Thunderlands:


    The inhabitants of Sundran Jungle have built many houses nestled within the trees. They have large expanses of bridges connecting each treehouse, creating a town of sorts. The houses are high in the tree, but not too high that they are insecure. Quite the contrary, they are strong and stable.

    Burrow Dens

    While their living abodes are in the houses in the trees, there are several ground dens among large burrows. These dens are used for meetings and people that do not wish to reside high in the sky. These dens are nestled safely between tree roots or rocks or other various landforms such as these, and offer safety from the electric storms.

    Glowing lake

    There is a lake that glows mysteriously at all times within the Jungle. It emits a soft blue glow that is apparent to anybody that visits it. It is said to be magical and a purification point for many - but to others it is a curse and certainly toxic. While the origins of the glowing lake are not well known, it doesn’t appear to be literally toxic as many have drank and swam in it. The glowing magic seems to attach itself to those that touch it, causing them to glow as well. But this is only temporary. Many have mentioned that this lake will whisper secrets to those who listen carefully.

    Ancient Willow

    A very large willow tree sits in the Jungle. This is rather unusual, considering it resides in a jungle. It stands out very clearly because of this and nobody knows what magic sparked it to grow. Another key feature of this Ancient Willow is its golden red leaves, which stand out starkly against its green surroundings. These leaves look as if they're permanently like trees in autumn, but the leaves are healthy and supple, missing the dry crunch of typical autumn leaves. Because of their vibrant color, when the sunlight hits the leaves the Willow can appear as if it is covered in brilliant flames. It does not seem to wilt despite the weather and is ancient and resilient. It’s a beautiful sight to behold, large and imposing but appears delicate despite its strength.

    Limestone Cavern

    At the edge of the territory is a limestone cavern. The cavern is, as the name depicts, made of limestone. It was made when acidic water flowed through the area and ate away at it until it formed a deep cave. Stalactites grow heavily in this area, but most importantly is the underground lake that the caverns overlook. It’s beautiful and seems to hold a sense of peace to anybody that enters it.