Velu Forest

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  • This is a description of Velu Forest.

    A bamboo forest lies to the southeast of the Whispering Pines. The bamboo grows very dense at the edges, but is more spacious towards the center. The forest is small, especially compared to the Whispering Pines and Sundran Jungle, but the resources found within are plentiful.

    The Dark Dynasty currently occupy Velu Forest. These are some landmarks of The Dark Dynasty:


    There are a series of caverns located beside the bamboo forest. They extend quite far underground, weaving in ways that would confuse the average person. The Dark Dynasty has taken to learning these caverns. It was perilous to learn them and many lives were lost, but eventually they were mapped out. All the dead ends can be spotted by the air becoming stale and the areas leading to underground pools will have the scent of stagnant water. While the tunnels aren’t fresh, there are many dangers of them collapsing. It’s a dangerous trip to the bottom of these and sometimes the animals don’t come back. Many sections of the caves have begun to collapse in. Once you get through the tunnels, the caves open up into a large expanse. These caves have many sorts of rocks and gemstones that offer much value to them. But only to merchants who collect that stuff. Mining isn’t really a thing that’s done often, as the fear of collapsing a cavern is high.

    Chinese Palace

    The camp resides in a Chinese Palace, though it’s long since abandoned by humans. Why a Chinese Palace was built into this specific area remains unknown. It has several stories that rise upward and form almost like a stepping area. This means that the bottoms is very wide and it narrows as the levels get higher. There are many outsticking areas on the levels, where one can walk peacefully without fear of falling. At the bottom is a very large staircase that leads up to the palace doors.