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Hawktalon had settled in a patch of slightly damp grass. The deputy had decided to take an opportunity to meet and relax with the members of the clan. "Yo, anyone wanna chat?"
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Weepingkit padded over with a smile. "I'll chat with you!" she said, friendliness sparkling in her eyes.


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I  •  WILL  •  KEEP  •  ON  •  FIGHTING  •  TILL  •  THE  •  END

"I've got some spare time to kill" Northerncub yawned, before giving a small stretch and sauntering over; her dark gaze on the other two cats, as a lopsided smile played across her maw. "So, what d'you wanna talk about?" The young Snow Leopard queried, her tail twitching in boredom while she tilted her head to one side, waiting for a reply.

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"Preevyt," Tarnishedpaw greeted the threesome, striding over. The boar wore his usual cheerful grin; he had started to recover the joy that had filled his life before the BloodClan accident.
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Another snow leopard? Dhesonnie looked up from where she sat under the shade of the nursery. She hadn't known there'd be other species like her, and seeing another one of her kind certainly did prick her interest. Dhesonnie got up, padding over, her icy blue eyes keeping track of the other snow leopard cub, when suddenly they caught sight of something else; Hawktalon. The deputy. Dhesonnie shrivelled back, memories ringing her head of him telling her off. The clouded wild cat sat down, and looked away, obviously embarrassed and shy.

by evan!


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The small, jet-black and white kitten bounded onto the scene, a curious glint in his tin-silver optics. He had never had a one-on-one conversation with the deputy before - this was ought to be interesting.

"Hello," he mumbled with a slight dip of his head, trudging up beside Northerncub with a weak smile displayed upon his maw. He had always been notably introverted, although he normally pushed that trait aside.

Personal Message (Offline) marie [goodbye]

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snowclan kitten ;; easy ;; bond with incandescentkit ;; no kill or capture ;; put name in italics

Blinking as she emerged from the nursery, a kitten stretched out her small white body. Following the feline was a fuzzy red squirrel trotting after her. Seeing the SnowClan deputy, she came up to the group that was gathering. She recognized Northerncub and Sigurkit, but the others were not familiar to her. Well, this would be a good chance for the daughter of Violeteyes and Russetcloud to get to know some of her Clanmates.

However, by the time she came into view, she had missed everything they said. Under normal circumstances, she should have been able to hear them from her distance, but due to being half-deaf she hadn't caught anything said. Her pet Stephen hopping up onto her shoulder as she approached, Librarykit greeted them with, "Hullo, Havktalon." Using her mum's German accent gave her words a foreign ring that the female quite liked.


Personal Message (Offline) -Squipy-

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"Hey" she mewed in a more casual tone than she was used to. Dragonflyflutter wasn't the most social cat ever but she was trying. The orange she cat warrior sat down, her green eyes friendly.       

Personal Message (Offline) Bedlamboo !

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The tiger trotted over, nodding in greeting to all present. Unlike most tigers, his base fur color was a creamy beige-white, the stripes a wonderful pale chocolate, which darkened in some regions. And instead of having hot amber eyes, Kaelan's optics were ice blue. "Hello, everyone. I'll chat."

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"Hi," Athena chirped as she silently decided to go off and chat with some random felines just to get to know some of her new clan mates. The snowy owlet hopped towards the group with one wing slightly extended to help her balance, the other revealed to be somewhat crooked, as it was broken. Hence, it was the exact reason why she couldn't fly, to her very dismay.
As the young owlet halted with her sharp talons dug into the ground, the young three moon owlet watched the crowd intently with round somewhat unsettling bronze optics. She was not surprised by the size of the larger felines, but she still was quite intimidated in some ways. But then, she kept that to herself.

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