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  • Citali -

    Replied to the thread Interest check??.

  • rus -

    Replied to the thread prism clan & the lost tribe | guide & sign ups.

    trackin !! reserve deputy for me darlin?
  • 80s90s -

    Replied to the thread Interest check??.

    Sign me up plz!
  • ThePsychopath -

    Replied to the thread The Orphanage for the Strange and UnUsual (RolePlay Thread).

    Alexa gave a laugh as she followed up, beginning to climb up the tree with a laugh, deciding not to use her abilities out of fear of what might occur.

    Replied to the thread PLUMMET AS I SING ;; plot with the Punkin King?.

    @alienstar oml yes and this dude would be all "but...but...candy...!" xD You want me to make a thread for them somewhere? @almos. Pumpkin would totally just be spouting neverending puns and be so proud of himself lol And he would be so freaking…
  • ✿ ianthe -

    Replied to the thread i don't need a knight / radicalclan chat/plot thread.

    "everyone's petty expect thea and pixel" excuse me thea is gonna be the preface to battled by poisoning toms in other clans what u mean she's not mean she'll probably feel super bad after but still
  • JAMISON F. -

    Replied to the thread I KNOW WHAT YOU DID || MEETING 2/26.

    Two meetings so close together? Maybe Jamie would have enjoyed it more if the tone of them hadn't been so somber. Nevertheless, the skinny blond boy was there, listening to Jackdaw with interest in his bright eyes. He hadn't known Evangeline or Ululare,
  • Technically Timur -

    Replied to the thread Interest check??.

    Sweet, thanks guys! As far as names go, maybe the Union? The United something? I'm thinking don't have a name that's obvious for what they're about, as that'd icly give them away, and then the whole spy thing would be kinda pointless,, @starry. They're…
  • RORI -

    Replied to the thread SLIT MY THROAT | P | it's all i ever had.

    When her eyes beholded the lily she felt a pang in her chest again, worse this time. 'Kali.' It was no secret Rori had clung to their mother's side more than her other siblings. She'd been a mama's girl, quiet and reserved and naive. That hadn't worked
  • [Rags] -

    Replied to the thread SPIN YOUR OWN NOOSE [★] WEEKLY TASKS.

    -- Rags --
    A weekly task seemed like a good idea, right? It would help her stay busy and keep her mind off of things "Sure, I'll take one" Rags muttered as she took a seat. At the very least the fox felt as if she would be accomplishing something. The