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Hello Feral Front!

There are two things the admins wanted to discuss with you guys quickly. First, since custom headers had to be rebuilt, we are offering every Clan leader a free custom header! This is ONE PER CLAN. After it is up, it cannot be editing for free so make sure you know what you want.

The second thing is that there are some glitches with profiles that are preventing people from editing their profile. It will appear as an error that the password is not correct, even though it is. To fix this, you will need an admin to switch the password for you. To do this, please PM FROSTSOUL with the following information: if you do not send from the account please link the account you want changed, the email on the account, and the password you want.

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Recent Activities

  • Daunte Nakriin -

    Replied to the thread Among the Demons. [pafp].

    (It's okay! That sucks that you had to start over though, I know that feeling well and it's not a good one. Super demoralizing.) Razi'kel's grin widened immeasurably at her sudden release of rage, even if it had been rather calm. He could see the fact
  • /Crybaby/ -

    Replied to the thread thank you for the venom //o,j.

    WHAT YOU GIVE Crybaby shifted her weigh so her wasn't so close to her. He reminded her of them, which wasn't a good thing. "Aye, you're smarter than I thought,"she leaned in a bit closer,"for a mad streetrat." She started to slowly circle the
  • bit -

    Replied to the thread Splat the World!!! (Splatoon Roleplay).

    [wahoo, new splatoon thread!! ^^ ] Name: Bubble Age: 15 Gender: Female Freshness (Appearance): tumblr_nqvzefedlc1ska6qqo1_500.jpg Main Weapon: Kraken Roller *Secondary Weapon(s): Octobrush Natural Ink Color: Teal Personality: Bubble's a bit of a
  • Swifty-Subaki -

    Replied to the thread Who wants to talk to a NERD???.

    ?? ok
  • SULTAN -

    Replied to a comment by kaznav on SULTAN’s wall.

    Wall Reply
    yes u r our daughter
    im also practicing polygamy here whoops
  • GreenTealiger~ -

    Replied to the thread (P: Enjoy) Two Imperfections.

    OOC: XP same pretty much. Who should start then? Btw Ammonite was planning to get Lepidolite used to the farm while they were on vacation so that she wouldn't be as nervous at the party and when they healed Lithio IC:
  • auraguardianLucario -

    Replied to the thread Stay with me my Child {Kit-Joining} I will raise you as my own.

    Quote from auraguardianLucario: “The kit looked at Forestpaw carefully, sizing him up before nodding and pressing against the apprentices' fur. His eyes closed as he imagined the apprentice as his mother, a comfort due to the loss. He didn't want to…
  • kiri1109 -

    Replied to the thread Manchester Academy |Plotting & Chatting|.

    hi So starish how should we have Marvina happen? How should Marvin meet Mina?
  • sunpawdabest -

    Replied to the thread The whispering of the meadow.... (Werewolf Rp/Sign ups).

    Alright adding
  • TheRealGeorgePlay -

    Replied to the thread Araulen: The Six Kingdoms of Drowing Prosperity.

    Jenn began to walk away, looking down the paths of the city. The fleoten kingdom was made out of several Floating islands, connected by bridges for outsiders.