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  • Guapo -

    Replied to the thread They Say Opposites Attract [PAFP & BxB].

    OOC: Random question, but are you a fan of UFC?
  • Guapo -

    Replied to the thread They Say Opposites Attract [PAFP & BxB].

    "Thankfully not. I have a week to get all of my bearings together, and to become accustomed to British life," he responded, smiling shyly. Maverick added hopefully, "I was hoping to go sight-seeing, and it'd be nice to have an experienced native helping…
  • RandomIdiot -

    Replied to the thread All Best People Are Crazy. (Private.).

    "Really? That's awesome! I'm glad to hear it." He grinned, eyes dancing brightly with cheer. "I'm sure Baba would like you too." He added softly, picking at his shirt. Baba was always kind to everyone, so there was no doubt in his mind Baba would like…
  • ✿ ianthe -

    Replied to the thread a cr[o]wning moment {open, flower crowns}.

    Ianthe's wings buzzed as the mute nodded. It was sort of... serene, having a mostly silent, one sided conversation. Though, she suspected it came with troubles, as well. Unable to start conversations, or change the subject. Well, Quantum could, in…

    Replied to the thread Can you feel // open+Hattie q&a // the love tonight.

    Seeing Mob approach and ask his question Atticus smiled but internally he was rather puzzled. Chemistry... Yes he knew about Chemistry, it was a wonderful science in it's glory during the times of war. Beautiful yet
  • sugarplum -

    Replied to the thread HERE I AM TRYING (Weekly Tasks 2/26-1/5, Open).

    I WAS NAMED SUGARPLUM That was.. okay, he supposed. Laurel nodded slowly and left before he changed his mind and give up on doing his weekly task. He couldn't ignore his responsibilities anymore. (c)trexgirl
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  • Katey76762 -

    Replied to the thread Birds of the same feather (PAFP male needed).

    Ryan nodded and neared their daughter. "It's okay Angel, your nightmare isn't going to happen" he reassured
  • Borealis -

    Replied to the thread Morganville (p).

    She glanced at Lee then followed him. The vampire leader sat in her receiving room where she met with ones coming to see her. Five guards stood around her, as always and she was looking towards the sofa at the side of the room, a look of tolerant…
  • Citali -

    Replied to the thread ANGELS [&] a lavish prostitution ring.

    just noting that savoir's info is a little wonky/incorrect!!
  • 80s90s -

    Liked ODDI’s post in the thread how many times have you brought your characters back?.

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    jfc i brought my one character, jay, back like four times,,, and i'm tempted to do it again tbh ;u; he's one of my favorites but my muse just won't cooperate.