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Hello Feral Front!

There are two things the admins wanted to discuss with you guys quickly. First, since custom headers had to be rebuilt, we are offering every Clan leader a free custom header! This is ONE PER CLAN. After it is up, it cannot be editing for free so make sure you know what you want.

The second thing is that there are some glitches with profiles that are preventing people from editing their profile. It will appear as an error that the password is not correct, even though it is. To fix this, you will need an admin to switch the password for you. To do this, please PM FROSTSOUL with the following information: if you do not send from the account please link the account you want changed, the email on the account, and the password you want.

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Recent Activities


    Replied to the thread broken words {open, gift}.

    how incredibly sweet. and suspicious. winter approaches, feeling a fabricated brow launch skyward in an involuntary ark as she comes across a odd scene. cookies steam, their alluring scent poisoning her nostrils and the air around them. its a harmless…
  • auraguardianLucario -

    Replied to the thread PMD: A Twisted Fate.

    Quote from Quora: “Now, that the official games are out (Pokémon Sun & Moon) There are 802 Pokémon in total, without including Mega Evolutions and Alola Forms, that are variations of existing Pokémon. ” So, there's now 802 pokes
  • sunpawdabest -

    Replied to the thread FinchClan Rp.

    He nodded buyt layed down. He rested his head on his paws and closed his eyes. He needed to think.
  • greatbear -

    Replied to the thread the fractured paradise (open).

    Faba stopped what he was doing for a couple of moments and looked over his shoulder, frowning at the group. "I don't know what you're talking about, Ahi," he replied, turning back to complete the installation, "but I assure you that any worries you may
  • xxfrostedsoulxx -

    Replied to the thread team magma grunt x team aqua grunt?! O_O (private).

    "Quick Attack, and dodge the Flame Thrower! "
  • Ravenflight123 -

    Replied to the thread WrenClan -The Clan of the Desert-Rp Thread.

    Eagleblaze yowled in response to the Brown Claw. He leaped at the same moment and met it in mid air. Slashing with his claws, he scarred the Brown Claw right above it's eye.
  • Mila smiled sadly and nodded her thanks. She then helped the healer with Amelia. Amelia drank the liquid and then closed her eyes. Her body was still very weak, but she'd survive.
  • Ashur. -

    Replied to the thread Demon Slayer (p) .

    He nodded slowly, pushing himself up
  • Tabitha -

    Replied to the thread put on your floaties | open, mass allied swimming lesson.

    Swimming lessons? Well, generally tigers were fairly aquatic and the white Bengal tigress was no exception to this. She could swim pretty well for a feline and she certainly didn't mind the water. Yet despite not needing the lessons, one could see her
  • xxfrostedsoulxx -

    Replied to the thread Mahou academy for the different (private).

    ( lol Kumori is basically the same just with a gender change and a Tsundere personality. ) "Good. Because he spreads his stupid pheromones and it makes the alphas crazy and then they get locked away and I have to deal with it, " She huffed. " I oughta…