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    Liked Skypher !’s post in the thread Need Some Character Inspirations.

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    This probably doesnt count but hey maybe it will help you with something. I have a made up spices that the two little fellas in my profile picture are. They're Trillaphylic Bipolyhedrons. Or... triangular shape that stands on two legs... I'm not very…
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    Replied to the thread the thief and the muse.

    "I still have magic. I have to go, it's like two magnets being pulled together." He said
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    Replied to the thread Such innocence [Bxb Pafp] is sad.

    He himself went out and into the woods, making sure to bring a weapon with him.
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    Replied to the thread Making a clan.

    Howdy Beauty!
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    Replied to the thread trad. bandwagon.

    I know/roleplay with all of them!
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    Replied to the thread When I see you again (PRIVATE for Artemis) .

    (cool!!) Toru looked up weakly, his eyes slightly widening. Kiara leapt after him, sticking out her tongue and throwing the card at the back of his head. "Gee, don't be so overly kind."
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    Replied to the thread School Of The Abnormal. [Rp].

    Ikiina blinked slowly before sighed, she needed to tell someone. Her eyes raised to meet Fucsia and she opened her mouth to speak "I-I was abused....by family." She murmured softly...her tone soft and uneasy but she did feel better about telling someone.…
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    Replied to the thread I Didn't Do It! {PAFP} (Male Vampire or Human Needed!).

    Luna sighs softly, "Yeah but.. I don't know my way around town very well." She said
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    Posted the thread [+] H O L L O W | open, joining [+].

    the truth you seek
    A graceful flow of chocolate limbs marked the presence, as well as the scent of the city. No, she wasn't a former BloodClanner, nor a kittypet- it became apparent that "hairless" felines such as herself (really, she just had a very
  • Shiranai San -

    Replied to the thread Jinx Quinn, daughter of Harley Quinn, need someone to love her.

    He went downstairs and ate what he could of breakfast. He never had much of an appetite anyway and he didn't say anything about Jinx. He didn't want to think about her at the moment though he would of killed to see her. Thomas sat expectantly by Kaleb,…