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Life in the Main



Sign Up - 9 H[o]urs, 9 Persons, 9 Doors Roleplay - Mayday! This Ship Is Slowly Sinking



Manchester Academy |Plotting & Chatting|



Starving {Private for Angle Flower}



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  • bubba -

    Now follows UNCREATIVE ASYLI.

  • hollowkit. -

    Replied to the thread TALL AS THE SKYLINE // OPEN, BIRTHING.

    HOLLOWDREAMS i'll let eve decide how we age the kits c:::// The kitten released a soft mewl and wriggled around, her paws kneading against her mother's belly as she tried to get closer to the source of heat. She was so cold, and her brother didn't
  • Rissie -

    Replied to the thread Life in the Main.

    Joseph nodded as he made a sharp turn. The path he was taking was rough and he seemed to have this look like it had changed since the last time he drove it. However he seemed to be skilled enough to handle it despite all this. When he got the chance he…
  • Aᴢʀᴀᴇʟ !
    Alrighty, sounds good! c: Glad that it helped.
  • bubba -

    Wrote a comment on UNCREATIVE ASYLI’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    *flops in*
    hello friend
  • honkfriend -

    Liked Frostsoul~’s post in the thread Badges? (staff?).

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    High position badges are being replaced with a usergroup that staff applies to the HPs account. We will still have a version of badges called "accolades" but they will be a bit different. If a member decides to use their accolades for high position…
  • Starish -

    Replied to the thread Manchester Academy |Plotting & Chatting|.

    XD i always ship friends, it's my job too, i, having relation ship problems tbh but i forget about them by shipping friends XD plus i don't talk to other people, i don't even know their names so my friends got screwed there XD also i died, i SO approve…
  • Dreamer{School} -

    Replied to the thread Starving {Private for Angle Flower}.

    Taylor looked at the male I mean, people want to be my friend or get close to me..... Something like that. But I got you so I'm good he gave the male a soft smile
  • ebony -

    Replied to the thread 1x1 Rp (male wanted!).

    "Come on!" The pilot called. Colton grabbed his duffle bag and hopped inside. He headed to the back and began to change. He shoved the suit in the duffle bag and they entered the air. He ran a hand through his hair after strapping on his tools and…
  • honkfriend -

    Liked Monaco’s post in the thread For anyone who's confused about the transfer.

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    old.feralfront.com/index.php?topic=2452979.0 The thread above might help! I found it while looking for some stuff that might help answer my own questions so if you're wondering why FF went through a transfer and what to expect/what it took you can look…