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  • Steve the ghost -

    Replied to the thread 1x1|Gravity Falls|RP .

    Bill Henchmaniacs Nanashi Levi Bill danced on to the song, performing the same dance move everytime the song played "Three-Point-Three-Oh." Everywhere else he would improvise. Swish his hips a little, spin around, or just straight up get down with the…
  • @Ink Sans I made that thread for you did you get the invite?
  • Flame The Messenger -

    Replied to the thread Mass Clans: Beyond (Open).

    Hal smiled at her touch and brushed his head affectionately against hers. The warmth of her pelt against his melted away the icy thoughts of doubt that had slipped into his heart and he suddenly felt much…
  • rus -

    Replied to the thread meadow clan » chat & plot » members only.

    hmmm i do like jealousy… though, would firechaser notice her becoming more distant and hostile due to fear of being replaced? i do like the idea but maybe she is secretly interested but always too scared to say it and instead tries to focus on her work
  • Plutonian-Raven -

    Replied to the thread Private for мalacнιтe and Raven!.

    (OOC: That’s okay! ^^ I hope you’re feeling better! Shall we timeskip to when they get to the Kingdom? I can start that in my next post if you want ^^) Carl looked back ahead as the car drove down the road. He found himself glancing at their…
  • Percabeth54 -

    Replied to the thread Refuse to let it take you (PJO RP 2 Slots~OPEN!).

    Jack bit his lip "We've been sent to find it I believe." He said hesitantly. Lydia leaned forward, resting her face in the palm of her hand, thinking and observing.
  • DigiHazard -

    Replied to the thread Surviving Shadows .:. Sonic AU RP .:. Sign Ups Inside.

    Ky walked up to his job as usual, and worked on the project he'd tested earlier. As he improved the air flight of the mini plane, he started on the actual assignment that the smiths' had given him. He built a cotton drape, and attached it to the wings
  • DarkSepticEye -

    Replied to the thread Youtuber Christmas Spectacular.

    Dark looked down to Jenny hearing her ask about the marks on Anti's neck "He hurt himself after you went upstairs with Ken" Trying to divert attention from the marks as he really didn't wanna have a slip up and be threatened with being unable to see…
  • anna-liese -

    Replied to the thread THIS IS COOL AND ALL [ power discovery ].

    this caused a mix of emotions in anna-liese's head as she saw people looking at the little girl and her frozen bug. first, there was admiration for this little girls talent, how much control she already seemed to have with the power, freezing a bug
  • Fallen Warrior -

    Replied to the thread The Orphanage for the Strange and UnUsual (RolePlay Thread).

    Peggy realized she had made a whole loop around the manor, she glanced back down the hall she had came from and laughed softly to herself. The horned girl stood as she spotted a girl holding a box, "Hello?" She called out before approaching her.