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  • PenguinCafe -

    Replied to the thread Reach Out Your Hand And Tell Me Just What You Feel (Private).

    Lynn was still a little frozen. Finally speaking up, her voice was a little raspy, "I..." she furrowed her eyebrows. Taking a deep breath, her cheeks calmed down and she looked up at the girl. Scratching the back of her head, she was trying to find an…
  • /Crybaby/ -

    Replied to the thread OFFICIAL CHAT + CHEESE THREAD.

    --tracking w/ this account
  • honkfriend -

    Liked dragon!’s post in the thread post limit?.

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    Ah, ok! Thank you you two!!
  • Anubis is so Vexing -

    Replied to the thread Nobles and Thieves: A Love Foretold //PAFP, GXG, Girl Needed//.

    The girl touched at the fabric and lifted it as she gazed at the stall keeper out of the corner of her eyes, "Good clothes are made with careful hands, which mean that the cloth should feel firm and the stitching should be straight," Alphard sent a…
  • ~Enchanted Rose~ -

    Replied to the thread Camp Half-Blood {Sign-Ups/Chat}(Semi-Advanced).

    Hmm, an interesting concept, Sorrel! However, I am a little concerned that having too many "purebloods" will make other people want to have them, and I'd kinda just like to stick to regular demigods if possible for the most part. Would that be okay with…
  • honkfriend -

    Posted the thread Important links for members!.

    (the other one has a bunch of broken links so heres an updated version! all phrasing belongs to the original post, found here | Important Links for Members | this is a wip)
  • white rabbit -

    Replied to the thread -- forever and always [private].

    * (Hidden Content)
    i'm extremely sorry for the late response!! also my form is rlly bad compared to yours but i hope you like it anyway ;;v;; so how should we start the rp?
  • dragon! -

    Replied to the thread post limit?.

    Ah, ok! Thank you you two!!
  • Moonsound -

    Replied to the thread Mass Clans: Beyond (Open).

    "Ha! No you don't, I've started snoring recently an-" Hunter started intending to bring some more humor into the conversation but stopped when he saw Flame's eyes. Hunter grabbed Flame's head between his paws and looked him right in the eyes. "Flame,…
  • Copper! -

    Replied to the thread Reverie's Art Dump (taking requests).

    oh wow! i love it! you're so talented!