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    Replied to the thread it's called wayfinding ★ joining.

    "Unless you guys want to duke it out. Don't really care if you fight." He spoke with a roll of his shoulders and a shake of his body. He was a bit restless considering that he had fleas and was trying to fight scratching himself. Already he had created a
  • vaud -

    Replied to the thread IF SHADOWCLAN HELD THE HUNGER GAMES.

    rip lirim haiiro's out for revenge,, out for blood
  • SEOUL -

    Replied to the thread BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS | private dump..

    testing because im bringing this shy fuck lma o
  • Phaset -

    Replied to the thread Together We'll Travel.

    Ozzy frowned and shook his head at her as he looked to the side after. "N-Nah, I'll leave it then... Um... So what now..?"
  • Amaya Erebus -

    Replied to the thread you inspire me || open, village + tribe tour.

    [ ❈ AMAYA EREBUS ❈ ] "Aight fam, les go!" May said, forgetting to stop herself from saying things like, well [that. She began to trot along, leading them to the village that the Tribe of the Eternal Sun called home. As they began walking past house she
  • SpiritFox11 -

    Replied to the thread We're different ~BOY OR GIRL NEEDED~.

    Jain shrugged again and shook her head before shifting her form into her fox form and stalking in the random tall grass spikes

    Replied to the thread BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS | private dump..

  • auraguardianLucario -

    Replied to the thread HTTYD {P}.

    Sorry was out of state for a trip Volts grumbled but just looked away as she worked, trying to show he wasn't going to bite her.
  • acadicutie -

    Replied to the thread Surviving Shadows .:. Sonic AU RP .:. Sign Ups Inside.

    ren female::hyena::23 interacting with;; braveheart ren scoffs, shifting her weight to her other hip, looking up at the fox with a flirty bat of the eyes. "oh give him a break, sweetheart," she coos. "if it weren't for them, i might be in shadow's…
  • GreenTealiger~ -

    Replied to the thread (P: Enjoy) Two Imperfections.

    (lol, tinder. Neat metaphor. Jump ahead somewhere?)