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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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  • anc -

    Replied to the thread Ranch/Farm Life ((Male Needed))(OPEN).

    She smiled and nodded, "Not a problem, thanks for the help. I do greatly appreciate it. How would you prefer to get paid? Daily, weekly, biweekly? I can work with whatever you prefer." she loaded the rest of the jugs into the wagon except one, which she…
  • David Tennant -

    Replied to the thread |•| switched |•|.

    "I do try my hardest. I can tell you like my sappiness, no matter how much you deny it." Dean stated with a smirk. "Why thank you. It is glad to know if I-wait what do you mean by when? I'm not going to f*ck up! At least have some faith in me." His smirk…
  • no. -

    Replied to the thread how old do you think I am?.

    Lmao thanks. c': I want strawberries for my birthday. Or lasagna. You know what just give me both. I kid of course.
  • Beatles. -

    Posted the thread all-in-one-bandwagon time.

    yes, you heard right. it's an all-in-one bandwagon! all of my bandwagons are going on this thread, and you can choose to answer all of them, one of them, or none of them! it doesn't matter. 1) how old do you think i am? 2) do you know the characters in…
  • ~Dreams~ -

    Replied to the thread We're different PAFP.

    She shrugs But.. she leaned against a tree I'm bored and want to explore a bit so..See ya later she hums (Dang....bruh your life is a total ride XD
  • Jadefeather nodded encouragingly. "Yes, a bad dream, that's all.." her stomach dropped as she remembered that some cats had prophetic dreams... but she had to believe it was just a dream, nothing more. Nudging him again, she meowed "come on, we have to…
  • TheKawaiifan -

    Replied to the thread Friends Don't Leave Other Friends Behind (Open).

    Ooc: so, is nebby a cosmog or cosmoem? Ic: all Rotom did was give an apologetic chuckle. They're sorry for causing you pain, but that doesn't mean your pain ain't amusing
  • RandomIdiot -

    Replied to the thread [?] There Goes My Luck [?].

    Jason moved tocomfort Noah despite his own fear crawling through him.
  • Rookpaw. -

    Replied to the thread LIKE THE ANGEL / group sparring.

    it took but a moment to let the other's words sink in and he understood the other's thinly veiled instructions well. a simple glance up at his mentor was all it took. he spared an even shorter lived one the small calico's way before he rose to his feet,
  • Jaggedsight -

    Wrote a comment on Jenga’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    As she came down, Dawnguard shifted his position, whipping around and timing it so that as soon as Jenga landed, he'd have launched a devastating back kick to launch her backwards.

    Omg do I need to bring Lionsighted there?!?