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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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Recent Activities

  • pure -

    Replied to the thread children fit in the snow [♧] storage.

    warbible will adopt unto tbfh and frisk wants to spit at bills feet or something bc they're so mad and im here like, "oml my child chill do u have a death wish". i need to make them chill but they are the opposite of chill atm theyre scared and upset…
  • VANG W.D.H -

    Replied to the thread GOD SAVE THE PROM QUEEN [x] prom.

    * she was well aware that jers and sweets were the king and queen for the prom, but she didn't expect anyone to be jealous. or, perhaps they weren't jealous and were just, ah-fucking around with each other? well, it didn't seem like it. however, it was
  • Enjoy-Life -

    Replied to the thread Hearts of Diamonds & Clubs like Spades (P; GreenTealiger).

    OOC: Ok, relief XP IC: "No, not anything currently, although......thank you for the thought." Azura finally conceded with a sigh, meaning what she said but not fully liking she wanted to thank Stella for it.
  • Septiplieraway -

    Replied to the thread {Private, for septiplieraway}.

    "sucha cheese line Sir" he teased laughing at Tony and smiled "No i better learn how to walk soon enough" he muses gently
  • Snowkit/One -

    Replied to the thread Who should she love?Alexander or Tobias{p}.

    "He must expect you to come running to him or call him. Maybe he's beyond that and he's waiting for me to be nabbed and you to come to my rescue" I suggested. "It doesn't matter as long as I have you."
  • vincent -

    Replied to the thread you are the coffin ✦ storage + chat.

    madi said it was up to us, but then along the line three people changed the order altogether. Either way i didn't agree to anything, nor did i have a say in the matter. By the way we have it, you mean the new order? A majority did not agree nor know of
  • Chulo -

    Replied to the thread welcoмe... [paғp capтaιn aмerιca]... тo тнe new age .

    "Fine." Bucky finally gave in, glancing down at his feet. He'd let her go. Because that's how the saying went, right? If you love something, set it free. If she came back, then it was meant to be. "Go. If you need help, you know where to find me." He'd…
  • v.alor -

    Replied to the thread shipclan shipping thread.

    dives into the abyss im ready
  • Adelaide Makara -

    Replied to the thread THIS ONE'S FOR ELISE [joining].

    She is growing used to the presence of hounds, devilish creatures that smile fake smiles with beastly eyes and tongues that spit out nothing but white lies. She rarely speaks to her mother anymore, whether it be because she is angry or because she is