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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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    Replied to the thread YOUR LOVE COULD START A WAR ☆ open, injury.

    //rushed + minor powerplaying for the purposes of helping/healing :^) "Don't move." The words came from none other than Lorraine, an individual who did not witness the free fall herself but instead heard the terrible cracking of thick branches and
  • Squisheh -

    Replied to the thread ||The Wind's Curse Roleplay|| Sign up link inside.

    "Really don't worry about it. The stock is on the other side of the building." She looked away, staring at the blank wall. She wasn't sure how she'd sleep tonight after having those horrible hallucinations.
  • no one. -

    Wrote a comment on Tapioca’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    hi Tapi <3
  • Knox -

    Replied to the thread fighting the good fight [avatar the last airbender inspired rp] open.

    Quote from Knox: “So I started a character, then scrapped them halfway through and made Shilo. So that's why this took so long XD
    tumblr_nksmfv356V1tnzzp3o1_500.png Shilo Sorris Oraw (Hidden Content) #princessofhearts((c)) [/spoiler]

    Replied to the thread 20 ways to Sin||Chat and plot thread for the Sineration Mafia||.

    Awww thanks guys <3 i hope you don't mind me coming to bother you in chats. X3 maybe hypokrisis could have a strong bond with one or two siblings or maybe a really strange bond with all the sineration. like, a bond that is unique to each individual that…
  • Spudbob -

    Replied to the thread ~Good Morning Aperture Laboratories!~ Roleplay Thread.

    (Okay, so glados turned off the lights, and they're making their way to the turret line.)

    Replied to the thread RUN BOY RUN | OPEN, VISITING + EMILIA NEEDED.

    I'M SIX FEET DEEP & I CAN'T BREATHE — rick grimes — shadowclan — he/him Normally before important things like this, meeting up with someone who meant so much, he tried to plan where it was going to go even though you could never truly predict that. It
  • venta daremo -

    Replied to the thread STITCHES — SONG PROMPT.

    we'll look up skyward — and the stars — they will shine in your eyes
    The lioness would be drawn to the sound of music. It only made sense, she was a natural musician. She would peer to the black box. Radio. Arcanists had them all the time, with them being
  • Sieglinde -

    Replied to the thread SHADOWCLAN CHAT/PLOTTING THREAD.

    I'm not dangerous, Sieg is We're completely different, I swear For example, she is a cat and I am not .. that's about it
  • Nicholas Lee -

    Replied to the thread sugary / animals strike curious poses.

    WELL, I KNOW YOU LAY IN BED, CONTEMPLATING YOUR OWN DEATH Well, just look at what you've done. Don't you dare forget the sun love.—
    Nick nodded, thinking back as far as he could. He had started out as a loner, running from Mother after his parents died.