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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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  • Jonathan Toews. -

    Replied to the thread funny thing ;; open - scarclanner.

    Jonathan Toews Toews | pronounced as tayvz
    ScarClan did not know why they were enemies? Jonathan would raise an invisible eyebrow at this, as he looked over at the ScarClan Leader with a swish of his tail. Perhaps Unknowncrimes were not apart of
  • MACK -

    Replied to the thread plot with the nurse shark?.

    Therapy with Mack? He's depressed so it would help
  • Hydrogen -

    Replied to the thread Elder Scrolls Skyrim.

    The Breton cleaned the his hands shivering to the cold a bit. "Shall he start heading out?" He asked as he got up and walked up to the cave examining the stag corpse left by the family of trolls. Xariel nodded his head as he left the caves mouth and…
  • pen. -


    lol it's a struggle hey, welcome to blizzardclan, cyan! i'll post in your thread after school! good morning you guys! rip i just finished another pre-calc lesson mobile
  • MACK -

    Replied to the thread Edgy lyric ☚☚ Open, joining.

    "Welcome," The macawnine said. It was nice to see new joiners, especially ones so outgoing and friendly. "I'm Mack." He wasn't in the happiest of moods in the moment, but he mustered ansoft smike anyway, since he was a kind person to be around —
  • MERCY . -

    Replied to the thread TONIGHT I'M ALIVE // open + return from Cartel.

    [ i said a prayer and buried your name — tags ]
    A scythe. "Maura!" she shouted, glancing back and forth between the others. "Betty's butterfly, Maura! She can shapeshift into a scythe!" Now the molly seemed almost excited, dizzy with relief, though it
  • Red Phantom Wolf -

    Replied to the thread I will never be ready (pafp; male needed).

    (I can start. You've been nice enough to start the last few times.) Finally! They were finally alone. After seeing off Tyler and the other two towards Cross's estate, the God Father led Carnaxa back to the indoor garden since they didn't get a chance to…
  • FandomKing42 -

    Replied to the thread Welcome To the Darkness.

    Jack had looked at the place he was supposed to enter, and swallowed thickly in worry. He soon pushed open the door and walked inside, glancing forward as he saw the man at the front counter. He looked down at his notepad and made a face, knowing this…
  • NEBBY. -

    Replied to the thread Fox's Entrapment [bxg, male needed, pafp].

    Alright, thanks for tracking :3