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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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Recent Activities

  • asterstorm -

    Replied to the thread DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU | open + dust patrol.

    TAKING MY SOUL INTO THE MASSES As Runningspirit volunteered to look after Rabbit, Asterstorm nodded. He now had two people, and a pack of three. That would be a good size, he thought. Maybe a few more, if they arrived. He'd give it another few moments
  • Wavernoid -

    Replied to the thread MurkyClan || Semi-advanced || Roleplay.

    Frostheart looked down at Magpiekit and giggled "That's for Mothstar to decided" he meowed, and smiled before catching the scent, maybe a mixx of a loner, rouge and maybe a bit of a kittypet, he was a bit confused, as it came from only one cat…
  • lyn. -

    Replied to the thread peak clan . chat & plot . members only.

    Track <3 Briarscar, Squirrelpelt and eventually, when they are complete, Honeywing, Sunkit, Mosspaw and Gladewind will be open for plotting. Technically Dawnheart and Snailpaw are too, but they already have stuff planned <3 Also, I need help coming up…
  • Grayflower -


    jesus christ thats a long name
  • Grayflower -

    Replied to the thread The winter calls me closer~ {Male needed PAFP semi adv}.

    Sebastian had already brought an outfit to the room the previous night so he got dressed too. "Neither can I, I've missed him."
  • LONEPAW C. -

    Replied to the thread is there another way // pri, lonepaw.

    Lonepaw, on the other hand, knew exactly where she was. She was about 3 miles west of the Exiles, on the lesser-known path between that and Blizzardclan. She knew there was an intersection that crossed with a popular Stormclan route, and she knew how to
  • Wisefoot -

    Replied to the thread "Well... This was unexpected..." Rosario+Vampire RP (PAF4P, Oc's welcome).

    "Probably heading back home to help the family, what with mom being pregnant and all, you guys are welcome to come with, I imagine you and aunt kurumu will get along like a house on fire, she's the succubi aunt who taught me the self control excercises…
  • STARBABY - -

    Replied to the thread grey l.a - plotting + chat thread, sign ups inside.

    @ASYLI; HE'S AN ARTIST. OMG THINK OF ALL THE.. HNNG. FRIENDSHIP GOALS. Haha Simone frackin' sucks at art, as mentioned. I think haeju would be the one gay friend that, despite his pessimistic and negative attitude, he warms up to Simone a little? Like
  • Jestertrap P. -

    Replied to the thread MAD CITY | Jester's Tags.

    * * * JESTERTRAP PRAELIUM 2 months old - male - child of blizzardclan
    Testing makaio