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Hello Feral Front!

There are two things the admins wanted to discuss with you guys quickly. First, since custom headers had to be rebuilt, we are offering every Clan leader a free custom header! This is ONE PER CLAN. After it is up, it cannot be editing for free so make sure you know what you want.

The second thing is that there are some glitches with profiles that are preventing people from editing their profile. It will appear as an error that the password is not correct, even though it is. To fix this, you will need an admin to switch the password for you. To do this, please PM FROSTSOUL with the following information: if you do not send from the account please link the account you want changed, the email on the account, and the password you want.

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Recent Activities

  • Patchtail -

    Liked honkfriend’s post in the thread genetics?.?.

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    does anybody have a link to the how-to guide on cat genetics? i want to send it to my friend whos having trouble with biology, if i remember correctly it explained it pretyt well
  • Wisefoot -

    Replied to the thread Waifu & Boobs Celebration Thread.

    Omg, that was both cringy and funny act the same time
  • Queen Lucy -

    Replied to the thread Princess and The Pirate - - - Pafp.

    sorry bout this. Bump
  • Poisonberry -

    Replied to the thread Midnight Walker...}G/BxG/B, PAFP{...Who Are You?.

    This was definitely more than a little strange. Devan was pretty sure that an ordinary wolf would be trying to tear his face off by now, not laying docilely with hardly even a growl. Of course, he was thinking that this was someone's pet- the truth was…
  • ShAdOw -

    Posted the thread LIVING A LIFE OF MISERY // open.

    //Okay I'm just going to put a small trigger warning here for murder n blood n Shake being a cannibal because I don't know where I'm going with this exactly The male had found someone on the border, a slightly smaller female Golden Retriever who seemed
  • PorkCutletBowl -

    Replied to the thread Born to make history.

    Viktor nodded to him with a smile, holding his hand tenderly as they walked. He watched the two infront of them, wondering what their history was together.
  • Sebasshat -

    Replied to the thread welcoмe... [paғp capтaιn aмerιca]... тo тнe new age .

    Tony smiled. "Yes. Now we are here." He took control of the helicopter once again, pulling it out of autopilot. And then, he began to direct it back to the tower. "Anyways..." he decided to change the subject. It was kinda touch. He didn't like talking…
  • Cynder1214 -

    Posted the thread May only post once every 900 seconds?.

    what is going on with that message? It disrupts my RP.
  • BeeQueen11 -

    Replied to the thread School Of The Abnormal. [Rp].

    Honestly, i hate Twilight. Lol}} Bee} Bee chuckled *Maybe that's cause you're a girl? Or maybe he likes you? Or maybe... Okay i dunno..* Bee smiled happily "That's nice, Queenie told me that you didn't like being called cute from the start.. I dunno why
  • padmè amidala ? -

    Replied to the thread BRINGING IT BACK | OPEN, EXILER.

    Padmè padded over, a solemn look on her face at the sight of dead children. She decided she would participate in the raid, in an attempt to avenge the deaths of the young ones.