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  • outer! -

    Replied to the thread ✰ i'm not from around here ✰ (p, outer!).

    "Speaking" - Thinking - Narrative
    Grayson instantly felt worse for the guy. If he knew this earlier, he would've just let him stay. He reconsidered calling the police in that moment. But how was he to help him? He really only had one bedroom, and the
  • Lionel -

    Replied to the thread KING FOR A DAY ★ PREMADE AVATARS.

    I love these...do you think you do some Labradors or Golden Retrievers? If it's not any trouble ;w;
  • Nohrian -

    Replied to the thread ||Private for Nohrian||.

    Marius fell asleep as well, rather quickly. Usually he'd lay there tossing and turning as he'd try and get comfortable on the hard forest floor, but this time, he basically just passed out, sleeping rather soundly for the first time in a while.
  • Nohrian -

    Replied to the thread I'M ON THE EDGE OF TIME (Sonia).

    ((Hehe yeah I'm feeling better! And oh my gosh I remember before it came out that I knew he died if you didn't get an A but I didn't know which game so the first day I got Conquest I was so frantic to get an A support in Conquest XD But it was also…
  • Finch Harbringer -

    Replied to the thread she's beauty and she's grace { open.

    Finch Harbringer
    "Oh dear, are you okay, Calina?" Finch asked, concern furrowing her nonexistent brow. She had rushed forwards when she had heard the desperate calls for help, but a sigh of relief escaped her lips when she saw that their paw was simply
  • Red Phantom Wolf -

    Replied to the thread Dragons vs. Humans.

    Catalina nods, hugging her wife. "I hope our son burns him." She mumbles under her breath.
  • Wolfiee -

    Replied to the thread Making a clan.

    I'll probably make two characters for each one. Also everything is looking great so far!
  • Quietly listening, he couldn't help but giggle at the sneezes "Cute" he said with a grin. Pressing the needed buttons, floor three and four being their destination.
    Corey glanced at her in confusion as she began to talk, seeing her on the floor he
  • ThePsychopath -

    Replied to the thread The Orphanage for the Strange and UnUsual (RolePlay Thread).

    "Llywelyn Gruffydd Davies." The boy said simply, shrugging his shoulders slightly as he followed the two of them in, gazing at the walls quickly. "But it seems that no-one in this country can pronounce my name, so everyone can call me Will from now on."
  • twilightzone -

    Replied to the thread I NEED THOSE CRYSTALS [O, BUYER].

    Growling, Twilight set down the weapon and handed him the stuff, before holding out her paw. "You better not scam me or I'll gauge out your eyes," she growled. /rushed (Hidden Content)