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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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Recent Activities

  • Aurea -


    True+love_3ac924_5785344.jpg wow guys lunaletter looks good here even if loveletter might not be.......internally optimistic, but, yknow, luna will take one with emilia if you would like! i just dont really know what would happen so if you have any…
  • WafflesbelikeNYANCAT -

    Replied to the thread a casual affair? [p]fft -- WafflesbelikeNYANCAT.

    (How would they meet up again then?) The male gave a soft grunt of agreement, turning away from her in a similar manner as she and getting back to the kitchens. Just as he made it through, someone shouted his name, also shouting for them to hurry up and…
  • Jaggedsight -

    Replied to the thread SnowLeapord clan ~ roleplay.

    Flurryblaze yawned, not really sure whether or not to fall back asleep. She was quite bored with sleeping, but she was too slow for hunting, and fighting could hurt both her and the kits. She sighed.
  • The Virtual One -

    Replied to the thread Tokyo Ghoul.

    Kazuki carried on plodding along until Becca suddenly stopped, smashing her fist into the wall. Cracks appeared and the wall crumbled, leaving two very panicked occupants to run out the broken wall, screaming and shouting for help. Kazuki clicked his…
  • Wavernoid -

    Replied to the thread Forestclan. Cats Needed ( Open To Anyone! Hurry! Limited spaces left! ).

    (Woops, sorry about that^^')
  • Snowkit/One -

    Replied to the thread Who should she love?Alexander or Tobias{p}.

    I nodded. "Shh... That didn't happen. We're here now. You and me. We're happy together. We compliment each other" I said unsure if I was right. I felt we were but she might not agree. "I'm here to listen to you. You could mutter any random words and I'd…
  • MagicalChimera -

    Replied to the thread RANDOM CHAT PAGE OMC!.

    yeahh sounds horrible
  • Novastrike -

    Replied to the thread Forestclan. Cats Needed ( Open To Anyone! Hurry! Limited spaces left! ).

    (im so sorry im hardly ever here :( i saw one post on rockail but thats it... recap plz) Darkmist and Timberstrike were silent the whole time sad of Rocktail's death and now both question weather it was a good idea or not to travel up this path. (i have…
  • Flora Harbringer-Ignibus -

    Replied to the thread KISLOTNIY - WEEKLY TASKS 4/29.

    Flora heard the announcement and rushed to the leader. "Can I do something too?" (god why is this so lazy sorry)