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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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  • --Secret Sin (grounded) -

    Replied to the thread **Rockclan**Roleplay**Semi-Advanced**Sign-Up Link Inside**.

    The brown and white kit padded over and picked up her tooth and started playing with it, batting it back and forth across the den they were in. As she dashed across the floor chasing after her tooth, blood streaked the floor
  • Saeran Choi -

    Replied to the thread In Hopes of Changing Fate [Black Butler Book of Circus] [Joker Needed].

    "oh, and I managed to get a list of all the children that have gone missing.."Katrina said, placing a ninch of files in front of her. "With that, I found their files.. Took out the ones that didn't match the written descriptions, and these remained."…
  • "We'll go with a large then," She said to the cashier with a smile who politely returned it. She told the cashier what toppings she wanted on her piece, chicken and green peppers, before turning and asking what Emiko and Yami wanted.
  • Proton -

    Replied to the thread SHADOWCLAN SHIPPING/CHAT THREAD.

    i wish i could make toast if i HAD ANY BREAD there's no food at my house im havin a good hearty lunch of hot chocolate
  • Nornslayer -

    Replied to the thread Academy of Animation(children of Disney & DreamWorks) | Signups.

    Shush rinny it's complicated. If nico could have a crush on Percy then Helios can be with caley
  • Liam. -

    Replied to the thread I LOVE THAT NIGHT LIFE BABY | MEETING.

    「 COPY THAT, — COPYCAT ! 」
    Liam took a tentive step forward. He's never been allowed to be in a group before. The young boy's ears pinned back, expecting to be yelled at. When no hisses or yells came forward, he took a few more steps towards the
  • { Grayarea } -

    Replied to the thread Lets see how far this goes-Open|Grayarea!-.

    He was trying it, more or less, but it would do no good to point it out. "How many times will you make me repeat yourself? I think I'll call you Deaf - somehow it's even more accurate than Fox." He said scathingly. "I'm not telling you anything until
  • Nebullama -

    Replied to the thread STORMCLAN CHOICE AWARDS!!.

    Am I allowed to vote, even if I don't really have a character here right now (I'm probably dropping Tord)?
  • Borealis -

    Replied to the thread demon slayer.

    His eyes widened even more, "An offspring of the great Demoness Herself, merged with a nightmare demon. This is..." He trailed off, awestruck, "if you would permit, may I go in and meet it?" He asked
  • ReaperEzra -

    Replied to the thread Zombie BxB Rp.

    He obeyed. Looking at him, fear still swimming in his eyes