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Recent Activities

  • Imagination ! -

    Replied to the thread How do You Look at Your Saved Drafts?.

    you have to be on the same device that you were typing on previously to have the draft show up. which means if you were typing in 'examplepaw goes hunting' on your laptop, close it before you post and start go on 'examplepaw goes hunting' on your phone,…

    Replied to the thread i'm a reckless mistake | WESTEROSI WITH A QUESTION.

    The Lord of White Harbor bowed his head to those who came in late, well, he would answer the question but it was a very interesting question, one which the male had to think about pretty hard, "It is a custom to help keep alliances strong." Not the only
  • Gaster -

    Replied to the thread A Bloody Mess (Private w/ Rissie).

    "I'll fly my little brother around from time to time and I've carried my big sister Assiram too. Don't worry. You're in safe, uh." Don looked at his feet, "Claws." "Nice save." TORTURE said half sarcastically and clambered onto Don's back. "Yeah yeah. No…
  • FLIGHT ; -

    Replied to the thread Tribe of Rushing Water Chat Thread!!.

    ah so much has happened since i have been gone ;d; is there a way i can join the conversation without looking dumb??
  • Shiranai San -

    Replied to the thread Such innocence [Bxb Pafp] is sad.

    He merely shrugged and washed off. Dunking his head under the water before coming up and throwing his head back. His ponytail becoming undone as he took his hair tie out. His silver hair falling to his back as he enjoyed soaking and becoming clean. It
  • xSxndy -

    Replied to the thread I'm sorry- (Bx B or G) [Pafp] but their dying faces make me just so happy!.

    Track! Would you just like a photo of my character or a full-blown form? XD
  • PIERCE- -

    Replied to the thread YESTERDAY // O, DEVELOPMENT.

    It wasn't Pierce's finest hour, that was for sure, but he knew once he got it all out he wouldn't end up breaking down in front of everyone. He would end up holing himself up more and more, but that was better than acting depressed around his clanmates.
  • Lyra ;3 -

    Replied to the thread we own the sky // dragon rider roleplay // rp thread.

    Quip hesitated beside his dragon, gripping his sword tightly. "We should get out there, do something, maybe not fight..." He pondered, beginning to ramble as his thoughts became a muddled mess. He desperately wanted to help, but the risk.... Shaking his…

    Replied to the thread OFFICIAL WESTEROS CHAT THREAD.

    i swear sethos is never getting a new wife with his attitude >//> hi aj!
  • Man,i actually can't wait for the Gloomy-Wolf-Sky dog plot.