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Hello Feral Front!

There are two things the admins wanted to discuss with you guys quickly. First, since custom headers had to be rebuilt, we are offering every Clan leader a free custom header! This is ONE PER CLAN. After it is up, it cannot be editing for free so make sure you know what you want.

The second thing is that there are some glitches with profiles that are preventing people from editing their profile. It will appear as an error that the password is not correct, even though it is. To fix this, you will need an admin to switch the password for you. To do this, please PM FROSTSOUL with the following information: if you do not send from the account please link the account you want changed, the email on the account, and the password you want.

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Recent Activities

  • starfire -

    Replied to the thread WrenClan -The Clan of the Desert-Rp Thread.

    Orchidblossom mumbled something unintelligible at the call of her name. The Siamese realized the impending danger and moved quickly to her paws, dashing to Eagleblaze's side. The femme unsheathed her claws, ready to fight the Brown claws.
  • Ashur. -

    Replied to the thread young love murder{p - Daeva}.

    He stood in the doorway to Sue room, tears running down his face," This is you're fault! You're the reason they left!! If you hadn't lied to Ramona and Tay Ren would still be here!!" Sue sat on her bed, flinching at her son's words
  • Enjoy-Life -

    Replied to the thread (P: Enjoy) Two Imperfections.

    OCC: I can do it whenever you're ready, my kind of busy right now is doing a lot in short periods of time with long bursts of nothing in between. XP ICC:
  • xxfrostedsoulxx -

    Replied to the thread Mahou academy for the different (private).

    ( ah so Peace is a female too? Lol 'Cuz Kumori is too lol) "True... This won't be good, " Kuroa huffed. " But I swear, Aki, you're going to get more than physically abused if you keep going after every alpha you see! "
  • Knightingale -

    Replied to the thread If This Is Wrong Then I Don't Want To Be Right! {PAFP}.

    She laughed "then you're not around many exorcists are you?" She said "a few like you are merciful towards spirits, others skip the small talk and just start swinging"
  • Spudbob -

    Replied to the thread School Of The Abnormal. [Rp].

    (Oh, so everyone's in a room of 3? Well, Ty might actually end up with Gabby.)
  • Moose/N/Squirrel -

    Replied to the thread What's going on? -Supernatural (Tv show) RP (private.).

    Sydney teared up and nodded. She went to her car and sniffled.
  • IDKitKoo -

    Replied to the thread LGBTQ+ CLUB ☁️ v.2.

    #hotneb If that was hotnub that'd sound p wrong
  • Ravenflight123 -

    Replied to the thread Not a piece of cake! (open, joining, battle, romance).

    //Sorry. Firebreeze yowled as she leaped at him. Her claws pierced his chest, and blood flowed, but he wan't severely hurt. He snarled, eyes narrowed, and lunged at Leopard, aiming to crush her with his bigger body mass.
  • Ululare Eternite -

    Replied to the thread [ running in circles ll open ll hp(s) needed ].

    "Squirrel said you fucks were yelling my name left and right." The koala said from the back of a dragon as he rode into the scene. Rather majestic, a soft grey bear astride a scaly blue lizard with wings. "ColouredClan in need of medics hmm? I fucked