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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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  • Whitestone -

    Replied to the thread the-tsaso-pride-rp thread.

    Archie jumped down from Cillian, as he was beginning to loose balance, he turned around to grab Arthur, who jumped off of Cillian as well, Arthur hang from the side of the gorge "Archie help me!" He said "I'm... I'm trying!" He said, trying to pull…
  • Panthalossa. -

    Replied to the thread OOC | STEPPING DOWN.

    Aww thanks guys!! I might hang around a bit I'm definitely going to be checking what's up from time to time idrk haha I'd rather you not continue that actually because the litter is just inactive and it's fine. If people apply in the mass adopt Mist…
  • Ashur. -

    Replied to the thread The Academy.

    She started to wake up
  • Pyre -

    Posted the thread Moonwalks onto bandwagon.

    Ye I haven't told anyone my age and that's not gonna change bUT if you wanna guess feel free c:
  • XanaduTheGreat -

    Replied to the thread It's not that bad.

    Viper smiled, giving him his back. "Everybody's jealous because I'm the one who ended up with the cute omega." He chuckled when two alphas walked by, giving Viper a death stare. "Have fun baby boy. You text me if you need anything." He told him, giving…

    Replied to the thread PLOT WITH VALENTINE.

    that sounds brilliant, who makes?
  • Zeldastar -

    Replied to the thread Not Everything is as it Seems (Private w/ Zeldastar).

    ((alright.I have to find it again,it got buried with how much we were posting here.xD)) Dipper nodded"yep that would do it."he said"now how're we going to get her to snap out of it?"he asked Lillian gave rudy a smile."Its nice to meet you Rudy."she…
  • David Tennant -

    Replied to the thread |•| Ham4Ham |•| pafp |•|.

    "You were an @ss. Thanks for the apology though John. Just try to make it up to Rose. She might be with that Aaron guy but I think he is cheating on her. You need to be there for her if he is." Alex insisted. Thomas laid down on the other bed and fell…

    Replied to the thread Academy of Animation - Chat/Plotting Thread.

    *slowly scoots over to Eibus* H0i I'm b0b :3 (Also yes Odysseus and friggin Lani are friend dudes! T^T Gay and Pan friends)
  • Crinesmal Skoran -

    Replied to the thread grins and giggles || CLAN GAMES, OPEN ||.

    As Finch approached next, the little bird bounced on his feet happily. His efforts were paying off! "See? See? I told you it wasn't stupid! Look look look!" It was evident that he was very proud of himself and his efforts. At the mention of kickball, he