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me and you // PAFP, GxG //



we're what killed the dinosaurs [open / rejoin + meet and greet]


Come talk with me? I just want some casual conversation.


tempest !

||It is not a dream young lady||We may be mad to you but it's how we live||


David Tennant




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  • agustd -

    Replied to a comment by hail on agustd’s wall.

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    RELATABLE A,,,arent we all yoongi trash he's amazing
  • BeeQueen11 -

    Replied to the thread me and you // PAFP, GxG //.

    I looked at her and pretended to think a minute "Well.. I would be able to look at your beauty as soon as i get up..." I said, grinning "Of course, love"
  • wisteria xx -

    Posted the thread we're what killed the dinosaurs [open / rejoin + meet and greet].

    Oh, wow. It sure was cold up here. The fluffy she-cat didn't think she'd ever get around to the cold once again, after all the pain and memories it had brought back. A fleck of snow even landed on her pelt, and as it melted with her warmth, she was
  • tempest ! -

    Replied to the thread Come talk with me? I just want some casual conversation..

    not really do you live in the u.s.? if so, are you excited/scared for trump's inauguration?
  • She opened her mouth and shut it with a frusterated groan. She nodded. " What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to sit around and wait for the vial to fill? Or am I supposed to go out and take my part?" I might disappear soon because I'm going to fall…

    Replied to the thread SUNCLAN CHAT + PLOT THREAD.

    when you're so tired you spell it wrong anyway but i tired so hard, agustd not freaking august gj me. this is just a glorified track on my main tbfh, aha, but yes suga my son,, freaking okay done now whoopsie. nice too meet ya too unless i know you and
  • so nice! Very much an open campus style which is cool xD I guess I shouldn't be surprised, I mean my school is like that.
  • Dreamer{School} -

    Replied to the thread Private for Red Phantom Wolf.

    Sky looked from her phone to the roads, scanning signs and spotted the one they needed to turn on Turn on the next right she said trying to hide the slight fear her voice. Horses were harder to deal with, if they were abused then they can be very scary…
  • machi. -

    Now follows s t o r m y.

  • Cecil Gershwin Palmer -

    Replied to the thread Victor x Yuri (YOI,PAFP).

    "alright alright"Yuuri chuckled taking the skates,once he put them on Yuuri went to Victor's side.Snaking his arms around the older male he rested his head on Victor's back before skating in front of victor,putting his arms around Victors neck he kissed…