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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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  • F?âm? Pr??ç?š? -

    Replied to the thread Zombie BxB Rp.

    He heard him but just covered his ears
  • venture. -

    Replied to the thread Set it All Free.

    Rick Riordan's the Kane Chronicles // Talar hugged her pillow to her breast, chest heaving as she cried. She couldn't stop, she needed to cry.
  • melodic wolves. -


    I found him... presenting Pinefur
  • Cataclysm -

    Replied to the thread DRENCHED IN A DOWNPOUR || MEETING 3/26.

    A frown would form along the feline's maw, his paws beginning to squish at the water settling above the sand. "Ah-- Jackdaw, one more thing." Everything the tangerine tiger had been doing recently had been wrong, a disappointment to his prior self. When
  • metanoia. -

    Liked no.’s post in the thread stuck in a bit of a hole.

    Like (Post)
    //sLAMS DOWN
    Life of A Dog. It's about the life of a man. Follow a man around for five minutes and see what it's all about. Or just make something up. Or an actual life of a dog.
    Get one of your funniest friends to crack jokes with you/someone else
  • no. -

    Replied to the thread is my profile aesthetic-y.

    Rebs approves.
  • ReaperEzra -

    Replied to the thread When I wake up (BxB Pafp) I'm Afraid..

    ((How would I do that though?))
  • Kensi:D -

    Replied to the thread || The Pack Of Falling Snow || Roleplay thread.

    Anouk backed up to stand between Akira's legs when she noticed the new wolf. He seemed so much bigger than her and he had an obvious sense of authority, both of which scared the young pup. She looked up as Akira dipped her head and decided to copy her…
  • metanoia. -

    Replied to the thread Lakeview Correctional Summer Camp || Sign Up.

    anderson is going to be very gay for gavriel
  • no. -

    Replied to the thread coding? please help w/ hidden scroll?.

    I'll work on it unless Quill beats me to the answer. ^.^