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  • Cecil Gershwin Palmer -

    Replied to the thread bleach rp?.

    plot:you character can see spirits since he was born over time he's come to ignore them seeing as most people found it strange,well one day a new student shows up to his school saying he's a transfer student from a few towns over,the two start talking…
  • Dr. Henry Jekyll -

    Replied to the thread I would have known // private // what I was living for.

    A wide smile would spread across Henry's face as Atticus seemed pleased with his display. "Yes, yeah, I did! Do you like it?" He would ask, sounding nearly giddy as he'd come beside the other man and walk towards the meal he prepared. Before sitting down…

    Replied to the thread WANT TO PLAY THE LEADER OF A SUBBOARD?.

    No, I don't mind at all! Will start posting now!

    Replied to the thread it's called wayfinding ★ joining.

    "Unless you guys want to duke it out. Don't really care if you fight." He spoke with a roll of his shoulders and a shake of his body. He was a bit restless considering that he had fleas and was trying to fight scratching himself. Already he had created a
  • vaud -

    Replied to the thread IF SHADOWCLAN HELD THE HUNGER GAMES.

    rip lirim haiiro's out for revenge,, out for blood
  • SEOUL -

    Replied to the thread BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS | private dump..

    testing because im bringing this shy fuck lma o
  • Phaset -

    Replied to the thread Together We'll Travel.

    Ozzy frowned and shook his head at her as he looked to the side after. "N-Nah, I'll leave it then... Um... So what now..?"
  • Amaya Erebus -

    Replied to the thread you inspire me || open, village + tribe tour.

    [ ❈ AMAYA EREBUS ❈ ] "Aight fam, les go!" May said, forgetting to stop herself from saying things like, well [that. She began to trot along, leading them to the village that the Tribe of the Eternal Sun called home. As they began walking past house she
  • SpiritFox11 -

    Replied to the thread We're different ~BOY OR GIRL NEEDED~.

    Jain shrugged again and shook her head before shifting her form into her fox form and stalking in the random tall grass spikes

    Replied to the thread BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS | private dump..