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How are you always here where I need you? ||P. Phaset||



Meeting You...Got you Stuck in My Head {Private!}



need some evil characters for a major plot!


Sollux IS

Lᴀzᴀʀus Sanctuary for the gifted | Roleplay Thread



LGBTQ+ CLUB ☁️ v.2


whippy // school

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  • Phaset -

    Replied to the thread How are you always here where I need you? ||P. Phaset||.

    Drake quietly unpacked, taking his time, around... Fifteen or so minutes, actually? He didn't really have nearly anything packed up other than clothes and a toothbrush, his books and devices. Actually, his devices took more space than his clothes, was…
  • Apollo/Sam -

    Replied to the thread Meeting You...Got you Stuck in My Head {Private!}.

    Frosteye ears twitched slightly and yawned deeply streching slightly and blinked his eyes still blind. Yeah it would take time to get used to such things. He swished his tail slightly and purred deeply "Ysy water" he said happily as he happily took the…
  • Sollux IS -

    Replied to the thread need some evil characters for a major plot!.

    I was actually just thinking about that. Betty sounds like the perfect person to pretend to be Sawyer friend in this place, like her support rock that is all like 'everything is going to be fine' but in truth are just manipulating her maybe she even had…
  • Atlas -

    Replied to the thread Lᴀzᴀʀus Sanctuary for the gifted | Roleplay Thread.

    Atlas -- Church -- Coeus
    Atlas had leaned forward to brace herself on her forearms, jade drilling into Charlie searchingly. She expected everything but... this from him. She expected fits, tears, awkward silences, or scalding expressions.
  • whippy // school -

    Replied to the thread LGBTQ+ CLUB ☁️ v.2.

    hey there guys I'm Sam and genderqueer I also happen to be demisexual homoromantic (wow terms) I'm a part of a couple groups like this on FB but one of them is cliquey and biased and the ther has sooo many members that your messages usually get drowned…
  • FELIKS -

    Replied to a comment by Sollux IS on FELIKS’s wall.

    Wall Reply
    Alright then, cheers c:
  • Mossheart~ -

    Replied to the thread I Believe In Sherlock Holmes (SherlockxJohn).

    John sighed leaning his head into Sherlocks. "Sherlock...are you jealous of Mary...You didnt even look at her when shr walked in." John said.
  • Sky;; -

    Replied to the thread NEW WINDCLAN PLOT/CHAT THREAD.

    you can find it on old.feralfront.com ! c: and sure zenzan! c:
  • slhare24 -

    Replied to the thread The Witch and The Wolf (PAFP).

    "Yeah but the bath is super warm!" She complained looking up at him. "There's a reason I hate getting in these things Astol- I don't like getting out."
  • Justine Marie Todd -

    Replied to the thread Assassin's Creed Story: Layla Everwood(open for 2 people).

    Well for now he would a mentor of sorts since in this my character Layla would be just starting as an assassin. Typically though they'll be about the same age eventually if your up for since I'm looking for around the same age there will be a love…