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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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  • Shiranai San -

    Replied to the thread When I wake up (BxB Pafp) I'm Afraid..

    He himself got a soda and some popcorn, he had also poured in some chocolate he had smuggled into the theater.
  • Crinesmal Skoran -

    Replied to the thread SHADOWCLAN SHIPPING/CHAT THREAD.

    ramen-main-800x511.jpg have some ramen
  • l. break -

    Replied to the thread SHADOWCLAN SHIPPING/CHAT THREAD.

    *finger guns @ u* It's too late No amounts of tomato paste can stop me any more
  • also okay i feel like there would be some events that happen off of the campus? like, for instance, a fair could come in town and the students are able to go to it and they all have so much fun and theres a ferris wheel and the photography majors go and
  • Seven kept a grin on his face, it was so much like the past... Her brighter mood, putting him in his own. Minha took notice, and it only caused her own smaller smile to become somewhat more noticeable. "Would you care if I pet her?" She would question…
  • NEBBY. -

    Replied to the thread The Definition of Alive [bxg, female needed, pafp].

    Lev smiled slightly at the mention of the restraurant, there were some rather interesting memories there but he had to admit he did miss the place slightly, granted he would have to endure in silence the attention Kaori would receive from the other men…
  • Bravo Amoux -

    Replied to the thread BLOODCLAN SPRING CHOICE AWARDS 2017.

    (Hidden Content)
  • Nebullama -

    Replied to the thread Draw a character?.

    No, but I know them. I bought Ame and the pony (which I'm actually probably trading away) from them, though. Elephant Graveyard do you remember me from CS I made a FeralFront fan thread thing??? :'D
  • earthlycomfort -

    Replied to the thread try ] open, m&g.

    The young dark brown tabby had been on the verge of just striding by the scene that he had noticed was unfolding to the left of him however, upon catching the host of this particular social meeting and greeting event state that they liked plants caused
  • Eliza -

    Replied to the thread |•| Ham4Ham |•| pafp |•|.

    John laughed and stood, offering his hand to her before they started walking. Rory nodded in agreement, glancing at her parents. "Enjoy yourselves." Her father just told them, shaking his head with a smile.