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  • honkfriend -

    Posted the thread Important links for members!.

    (the other one has a bunch of broken links so heres an updated version! all phrasing belongs to the original post, found here | Important Links for Members | this is a wip)
  • white rabbit -

    Replied to the thread -- forever and always [private].

    * (Hidden Content)
    i'm extremely sorry for the late response!! also my form is rlly bad compared to yours but i hope you like it anyway ;;v;; so how should we start the rp?
  • dragon! -

    Replied to the thread post limit?.

    Ah, ok! Thank you you two!!
  • Moonsound -

    Replied to the thread Mass Clans: Beyond (Open).

    "Ha! No you don't, I've started snoring recently an-" Hunter started intending to bring some more humor into the conversation but stopped when he saw Flame's eyes. Hunter grabbed Flame's head between his paws and looked him right in the eyes. "Flame,…
  • Copper! -

    Replied to the thread Reverie's Art Dump (taking requests).

    oh wow! i love it! you're so talented!
  • RandomIdiot -

    Replied to the thread Do You Feel Alone? [p].

    "Your grace brother. You are becoming... Unnervingly human." Michael murmured, stepping closer to Castiel.
  • Sparrowstar -

    Posted the thread Join.Me Art Requests! .:ONLINE:..

  • LUNA - -

    Posted the thread YOUR LIE — beach cleanup; open.

    ❝ luna noctcaligo — warlord, healer ❞
    Luna believed in her 'optimistic' somewhat delusional state that a newcomer like her would be privy to the inner-clan relations and perhaps get a task relating to them such as training new members or assisting
  • Spudbob -

    Replied to the thread School Of The Abnormal. [Rp].

    Ty Behl - Faerie - Illusions - Harmless Ty smiled, and rubbed the back of his head, answering, "Umm, no, actually I just got here today myself. I still haven't found my room yet. What dorms are you two in?"
  • Enjoy-Life -

    Replied to the thread (P) Norta Argenta Magica.

    OCC: ICC: The threads faded away, and the Witch started to relax. "Yes, yes she does."